LONGEST RIDE I'VE EVER DONE – Orlando to Miami – Worst Retirement Ever

In need of training miles and a soul ride on a trip to catch up with family, I decided that instead of trying to train in Orlando and Miami where we were visiting, I’d see if I could ride there instead of taking the rental car.

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  1. When this first posted, I didn’t even want to watch such a stupid idea. I’m a fellow ex-native and Gator who likewise escaped many years ago never to return except for obligatory family functions. Although I couldn’t help LMAO at the pained narrative, Phil just re-defined WORST retirement ever. Glad you’re ok and didn’t get run over, Phil! (The alligators are the least of your worries)

  2. I want to gouge my eyes out DRIVING from Orlando to Miami … this is a shocking move from a Floridian who should know better. 😀

    At least we have some "Florida Hills" in Clermont. The Sugarloaf video was great

  3. This has to be one of the most realistic cycling videos ever made. And the fact it was made in Florida (heading south no less) makes it more so. After watching every stage of the Giro d'Italia, nice return to reality.

  4. My cycling club (spacecoastfreewheelers.com) does a cross Florida event in April. Goes from Cocoa Beach to Spring Hill. I think it hits some hills after 120 miles.

  5. You’re allowed to carry on CO2 containers, I think 2 of them, for “personal floatation devices”, but you can’t check them. FYI for future flights 🙂

  6. The biggest problem is the fucking heat , if you dont start early that shit will drain your hydration and as a bike messenger in Miami chammy butter is a necessity i like the euro style cause of the nice cooling feeling 😎

  7. Easily >200 had there been a tailwind.
    Maybe you should pick a week in Kansas when there's a sustained gale in the forecast and make a couple attempts at >250. That would be fun to watch.

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