Miami Heat Milwaukee Bucks Game 4 Post-Up Show

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  1. Riley has to get rid of that bogus "run it back" mentality and focus on improving the team at all cost. I good Jimmy isntshowing the first signs of being washed but that is what it looked like unfortunately. Kawhi needs to be in the 305. Whatevwe it takes.

  2. This entire line of thinking and thought process that somehow because Miami played to the finals last year is flawed on so many levels ….. Of the other three teams that made it to the conference finals all of them are winning their first round series this year going into today except for Boston who just won last night. The Lakers who won the finals they had to deal with injuries, they had to deal with loss of free agents, & covid all the same. Just like you, but have a tougher path coming in as the seventh seed had to play an extra game play & play the two seed and are still up in there series! I mean this is so obviously smacking you in the face I know Miami fans aren’t that stupid. I’m just going to chalk this up to making excuses after a painful loss and painful season. Don’t make excuses just get better.

  3. so heat role players need to hit their 3's in order for stars like bam/jimmy make their shots lmao yall on crack jimmy/bam cant even get by their defenders lmao crackheads

  4. Maybe the Heat organization likes to run it back because the ownership is cheap and refuse to go into luxury tax in order to win? How can the Nets, the Bucks, the 76ers can afford all their players with multiple max contracts?

  5. Heat deserved to lose.
    Look who they signed in the off season – trash players. Nets ( trading for harden) Bucks (trading for Jrue with multiple of their picks) were aggressive. I blame Riley for looking past this season, hoping Giannis would be available this summer until Giannis extended with bucks.
    Another opportunity was presented, when Harden became available, but they held on to robinson n herro. This is on Riley.

  6. If Kyle Lowry was here in this game, nothing would have changed, the end would have been the same, so realistically he should not be an option. The real issue, is to get as many two-way players as possible on the team, preferably younger.

  7. Portland is not giving up CJ unless you giving up bam lol they also want win championship with Dame. They not going take tyler or Duncan for CJ you got be realistic

  8. This is Erik Spolstra's first team to get sweeped in playoff history, kind of historic as well in that aspect. Definitely apart from the Front Office just bad coach replacements we lost 3 coaches in 2 years and really our offensive shows this.

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