Miami Beach Declares State Of Emergency, Announces Crowd Control Measures | MSNBC

The city of Miami Beach has declared a state of emergency over spring break crowds that have gathered at the popular South Florida destination.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Miami Beach Declares State Of Emergency, Announces Crowd Control Measures | MSNBC


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  1. WTH, why is not MSNBC not talking about the thousands of kids in cages at the border?

    They are blinding you all with stupid stuff and not covering the border problem.

    Censorship thru omission. WAKE-UP AMERICA!

  2. Hey MSNBC, where is the video of the southern border being breached? Only citizens have to follow our laws? But it's ok to let sick third world people in and roll out the red carpet for them? You people are soooo wrong!

  3. :44 seconds into the news lost my attention and had me focus on some nice cheeks.

    No wonder everyone is out there. They don't mind exposing their body so why would they mind being exposed to covid. I say let them do their thing. Though most don't know any better, it's their choice.

  4. That had Nothing to do with Corona it was due to violence and vandalism and other crimes. How dare you lie to push your ridiculous agenda of herding people into a line for mass injections that cattle get! Ever heard of Natural Immunity???

  5. Breaking news..stumble bumble Joe is letting in illegals from a third world country during a plandemic!!! People on unemployment and this old fool is letting them in with god knows what diseases. But you sheep keep focusing on Trump. Lol

  6. There will not be another "covid wave" it's usefulness is fixing to wear off…. Keep in mind Floridians and I mean the REAL Floridians this Governor is a Democrat and works with The enemy of The American People. Remember that soon.

  7. This is a crisis? Yet it's not a crisis at the border? Also if it's about wearing masks and washing your hands why is the homeless population dead by now??? Virus shows up at family reunions,funerals and weddings.But not at black friday sales or antifa/blm riots? I'm just checking in with the experts to see where it's safe to go. Smh @ you fools!

  8. Breaking news…Biden is letting untested illegals into our cities!!! 86 million dollar a week for hotel rooms. While our military vets are homeless and hungry!! Liberal always show me who they truly are with their actions.

  9. Stop with the bs reporting. It had nothing to do with covid. It was because people were acting dumb af!! Littering everywhere, multiple shootings, large groups of people blocking the roads and jumping on people's cars, fights every night that have broken all the tables and chairs in multiple restaurants. Stop trying to blame it on covid!!

  10. Miami too hott , expensive, traffic the party life gets boring

    Texas , Nevada , Arizona is better quality of life for family and business

  11. There are no document of elevating COVID cases for the last week. The curfew is set in because of color people rioting and fighting in the streets EVERY WEEK and worse during the spring break. Lame stream Media is faking the issue as COVID and not color induced riots.

  12. What happen to Florida "freedom" ? The Governor didn't want to tske people's "freedom" by shuting down the state or make people where mask but now they esnt to set curfews because something "might happen".

  13. They're young, They're healthy and drinking virus- killing alcohol. (which is what we use on our hands) If they get it they get it. Life is short but it don't have to be short and miserable.

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