Is Miami Beach Doomed?

Miami Beach could be underwater this century. The sea level around the tourist paradise has risen steadily in recent decades and flooding in the streets has become more frequent and severe. Most of the city sits just four to five feet above sea level, and on a foundation of porous limestone—making it especially susceptible to tidal flooding and surging oceans.

As experts predict the sea level to rise significantly in the coming years, the city of Miami Beach must decide how to keep itself afloat. This documentary examines how the city has taken unprecedented steps to save itself from the sea.

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  1. Seems like a plan of recycling the city before the roads are unusable would be a good idea, as a plan B , all that infrastructure and pollution just flooded and left for the sea to cleanup is sad

  2. We might have to go to floating buildings and houses in the future to combat the rising sea. It's not the ideal Miami but it may help. Instead of cars on the street, we have boats but then again that is Venice.

    Floridians are here to stay.

  3. Huh they Should Dig Deep Retangles so Water can Go in there And also Install Some Burning Steam pipes to Evaporate water. The heat should come from the Sun. And should also Build a Levee and Plant Large trees That Drink Alot of Water in there. Lastly They Sould build A Hill of Grass meters away from the Levee So when the Water Hits it the Grass Also Drinks it. Bricks On the housing/City Side

    AWWW What yall think I got more Ideas too

    If Miami is still there They Should Build a Water resort Like What they Have In Bahamas and Bora Bora

    And why do those guys look like Dem Classic Mafia From 1989 in NYC 🇮🇹🇮🇹

  4. Miami Beach is essentially a big sand bar. The only way to save it is to put a wall around it or to raise the land level. Miami Beach is dependant on Miami/Dade County which faces a similar problem. If Miami can't fix its problems then there is no point in trying to fix Mia mi Beach. The highest elevation in Dade county is less than 11 ft. (A hill in a park) It has the bay and Atlantic to the East and the Everglades to the West. The elevation drops off when you get to the Elerglades. Miami is built on a wide bar od Limistone (Karst?) that runs along the East coast of Florida. Miami has problems with salt water intrusion into the area where they get drinking water from. Miami Beach gets its water from the West like Miami does. It may take a century but south Florida is doomed. You never own beach front property. You just lease it from Mother nature. One day the lease will end.

  5. Lots of Bandaid solutions going on here ! A more permanent solutions would be to stop electing Republican Climate change deniers, and start changing Americas whole attitude towards environmental responsibility.

  6. The thing is: Florida used to be a huge mangrove swamp which helped maintain sea levels through natural processes, but since humans made cities on top of those swamps, those natural processes don’t operate and now sea levels are rising.

  7. In my opinion by looking at this video, the mayor needs to step out because he's not tackling the right problem. It was hard for me to finish watching this video because every time someone talked it gave me a more profound aspect of how naive people were. They have plans for the next 20-30 yrs but that city will not last that long. They should commit THEMSELVES, not wait for a savior (entrepreneurship) and be more reactive RIGHT NOW before it's too late.

  8. How can I say this all that should be free all of it should be cuz it's to me we need to stop the water we can't lose any of her one foot to the ocean I know what we could do we could just put up a wall not just any kind of law a beautiful wall make it over maybe four miles wide so it can hold the pressure of the wall make apartment buildings out of it all you can do all kinds of stuff just use your imagination

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