13 Things I LOVE About Living in Miami Beach Florida

The recent video I made about why I live in Florida instead of California, which you can check out here: did very well. So I thought I would do a follow up, and talk about the things I love about living in Miami Beach Florida.

I have been here for a little over 12 years now, and it has been awesome! In this video, I am going to showcase just a small portion of some of the things I love about living in Miami Beach. Because if I were to name all of them, it would take me forever to make this video, and it would probably be an hour long. So enjoy this one, and I can do more like it in the future😀

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  1. I loved South Florida since I went to art school in Fort Lauderdale. I just love the light and color of the area. It beats the grays of Connecticut. I hope someday I will move down for good. Enjoy your videos.

  2. Thank you Michael for all your video,s, I enjoyed them all. Sailing from California to the East Coast I really liked Miami, we had our boat there several different times in the marina and loved it. Keep your video,s coming, great information always.

  3. Hello from expensive So. Calif. I am planning my retirement there is So. Florida. I'm a Beach bum! you got beaches. Yes it is hot here in the summer, but in the winter? I am cold. Not Illinois cold! but Cali. cold. I will deal with the heat and humidity there by being at the beach or pool! and a cold beer, 🙂 I have been looking at Sunny Isles! but I think I will take a look at N. Beach. Sounds really nice. See you on the beach.

  4. what neighborhood/ street are you? I live on Lincoln and Collins right on the beach but I hate the noise and the crowd. Looking for a better quiet place but still near the beach. where are you?

  5. i think Miami beach is a winner but I wanna check out Delray beach/Deerfield beach areas and fort Lauderdale again before i make my decision. How simular is Miami beach to Delray beach or Deerfield beach? my guess is that they are more residential laid back bedroom type communities that are not walkable except maybe in expensive downtown areas etc

  6. How is playing guitar with your amp in your apartment? I'm moving to sunny isles soon and I'm worried that I will not be able to play with my amp unless the volume is very low.

  7. Detroiter here planning to move to Miami FL within the next year or two. Very excited! We only get about 3 months of summer here:/ Can’t wait to move to the sunshine state for year round summer!

  8. What you said about Miami Beach is 100% true! I visited many times the area with my family and friends and taken the Art Deco tours and swam many times at different spots of the beach at Miami Beach. In 1977 I went for the first time to Miami Beach at Ocean Drive and third street near the old pier that used to be on the beach and stayed at the many Art Deco hotels and visited Lincoln Road when South Beach was a community of Elderly Jewish retirees in the late 1970s and 80s. There are lots of things to see and do on Miami Beach.

  9. A guy I know in Pompano, told me Miami a better time to go to the beach was when the humidity + heat and “swamp azz” starts on Valentines and said I went during the worst time because snowbirds instead of locals are around between Christmas-New Year’s eve

  10. I am planning on moving there and I have a question. Do I strictly have to speak Spanish to make it around Miami Beach? I know in the rest of Miami you have to. But is it different in Miami Beach?

  11. Hi, I'm from Chicago, Illinois~ Looking to relocate to Florida but with a pension of approx 4k a month can I do it and live comfortably? Also, I love the beach and an active lifestyle. I just sold just about everything and the last thing that needs to go is my house. I'm single, with a dog "frenchie" been considering buying a home since I am a veteran and I could use the VA loan benefits which qualify for either a home or condo. But I hate HOA because they can be costly! I reviewed your other video, the most affordable beach places to live too but I don't know the areas. I would like to walk on the beach, jog, do Brazilian Jiujitsu, ride my bike or motorcycle and just live life to the fullest and be happy in the process. Thanks!

  12. Hi. I am getting ready to move from CA. How much is your Skype consulting? I would like to get some advice of buying a property and live in the winter and rent out in the summer on Airbnb.

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