The REAL Reasons Why the Miami Heat Fell Off Since the NBA Finals

The real reasons why the Miami Heat Fell Off Since the 2020 NBA Finals vs the Lakers. Giannis and the Bucks swept the Heat in the first round this year. Let’s talk about why the Heat fell off this year and what really happened.

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  1. If you watched the post game interview of Jimmy Butler when they lost in the finals last year he told the people who interview him that the Miami Heat would come back next year lol got

  2. This guy is being way too technical about it. It doesn't even have anything to do with the heat. The heat are no better than what they were last year and they are not a bad team. the fact that they got Jrue Holiday was the biggest game-changer for them. Lockdown Defender and can easily give you 17 to 25 points on any given night, especially in the playoffs.

  3. Bam is a 4. Spo needs to stop playing him at center and get a big man. Then instead of having jimmy and bam guard giannis and lopez, you could have had bam and dedmon guard them. Huge coaching fail

  4. Before I watch this video I just want to say Jrue Holiday was the piece that the bucks needed he can pull up from mid-range and take the awkward shots that Chris Middleton was taking in previous years and now Chris can take shots from where he feels comfortable

  5. You will never convince me when you compare one of the main scoring options to a role player. That doesn't take circumstances into consideration. Is the role player subjected to the same conditions as the main player? The answer is no, no team in their right mind will focus their main defence attention on a role player, it will be the scoring options, note that scoring options can come off the bench too (sixth man). This is why teams with well rounded scoring contributors are very hard to beat because teams usually send bodies to the scoring option.

  6. One they dealt with injuries and COVID early in the season and they lost a few pieces and they was just wasn’t prepared for the new and improved bucks and Giannis they was inconsistent and didn’t have an answer for what the bucks did.
    Not an excuse though.

  7. So you only blame Bam & Jimmy. NO TYLER?!!! He was just a 🌟. But since they loose in the first round he isn't. But if they had won, it'll. been DID YOU SEE TYLER?!! TYLER THIS! TYLER THAT! OH HELL NO! WHERE WAS TYLER?!! He's just as much to blame. If he can't be part of the blame then don't make him part of the fame.

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