Police recover getaway SUV in NW Miami-Dade banquet hall shooting

Police have released surveillance video of the moment three gunmen exited a white Nissan Pathfinder and fired several rounds of shots at a banquet hall, injuring 21 and killing two people.


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  1. The dad is angry at the wrong people, the police have never been the enemy. Everyone’s enemy is sin. What is sin? Sin is satan living in you. May his sons soul Rest In Peace. The youth are dying like flies.

  2. It sounds like they're trying to say that the people that were shot had already committed a crime against the people who shot up the actual party banquet the police did not say that that's misleading and very very judgmental way ahead of time a complete disrespectful narrative way of putting something out saying that it was retaliation in a way of saying oh they deserved it they were just like them you don't even know these guy

  3. The usual, "We must get these killers off the streets," then promptly enact laws that lets them roam free and forbids cops to do anything about it. The truth is, only assholes kill like these gangbangers – limited intelligence, if any, no soul – all asshole. Truth.

  4. They all smoke weed and listen to filthy rap all day long then after a while of doing it you get people that fucked up in their head and can't behave like a decent human being

  5. This looked like a trailer for a low budget crime movie! I feel bad for the father and he doesn’t sound like he’ll leave it completely up to them!! Can’t say I blame him!!

  6. If they had their cell phones on em it's over. Plus Florida doesn't have as much towers like us here in NYC. They're going to track whichever cell phone was in that area that night and match to whichever cellphone was in the area of the canal. The NSA might even have more technology that we might not even know about.

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