Police Clash With Hundreds In Miami Beach Over Broken Curfew Orders | NBC Nightly News

On Sunday, the Miami Beach, Florida, city council held an emergency meeting after police officers used pepper balls and brute force to break up crowds disobeying the imposed 8 p.m. curfew on Saturday night.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Spring Breakers Rebel and Crowd Streets Amid New Miami Beach Restrictions | NBC Nightly News


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  2. Miami had turned to a ghetto Vegas and honestly its gross, it looks like Mogadishu. If you were there you’d see it for yourself, drugs and dealers literally on every corner of Miami Beach.

    Send them back to where they came from. Chicago, Detroit… I’m sorry we

  3. Thank you so much communist police officers for ensuring a free constitutional country run by the people gets destroyed. What would we do without your totalitarian government?

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  6. I laughed eed when the guy was smart enough to say oh its covid we know it blm crowd was wrecking the town that's what you get for saying fl was open for business and giving cheap flights lol

  7. Hmmmnn, am I hallucinating or are most of the people in the mob scenes all one color? Bah, not likely; probably a heterogeneous mix of all races, creeds and colors with all other specialty groups fully represented. I'll check with my psychiatrist.

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  9. Only 9% "positive" after a year? That's a pretty weak virus. The "superspreader events" touted by the media are 'way overblown. Where is the data? Every time there is a crowd situation, we are told there will be more contagion, but where are the studies after the fact? What ever happened to the much glorified "contact tracing"? Give us names, dates, numbers. You can't. There aren't any. It's all a hype. Shut up about "The Virus"!

  10. Who is this jerk saying it looks like a rock concert? Obviously, he’s never been in a rock concert. In rock concerts you see stoners, not armed criminals destroying property. This guy is a punk afraid to call what he sees.

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