Miami Beach Nightlife: What Is South Beach Like Right Now In December 2020?

Take a walk with me in Miami Beach Florida on Ocean Drive to see what the nightlife looks like right now in December 2020. South Beach Miami has gone through some changes because of the shutdowns. Has it affected the nightlife and restaurants in Miami Beach? See Ocean Drive at night for yourself. Cars are not allowed on Ocean Dr. In Miami Beach and the restaurants have an 11pm curfew. I was told that bars and restaurants off of Ocean Drive do not have a curfew so if you want to partake in the Miami nightlife you can still do it in Miami Beach.
If you are thinking of visiting Miami Florida and are worried about restrictions or that there are not a lot of people there now, check out this video to get an idea of what South Beach Miami is like right now in December 2020 with me @To Go Is To Know.


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  1. There’s no people because they’ve all moved to Colorado since the pandemic began. Denver is jumping way more than this lol. Never have seen more Florida plates ever. And they suck at driving. So I’m coming here for the next couple weeks 😂

  2. If you move to Miami, make sure to have lots of money! The economy is so bad that most business cant even make their rent payments! Job, yes, you might get a job as a slave in a restaurant making minimum wage!

  3. Were there in July 2019 and we drove for more than an hour on that piece of road !!! Loved every minute of that !! Shocking to see what this virus did to the world !!!! Love from South Africa !!!

  4. Great video thanks hopefully I will be able to travel next year i was very surprised when you could get a burger for 15 bucks I thought it would be at least double

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