Flooding in Miami Beach is FOR REAL!

Flooding in Miami Beach has been a problem for a very long time. This video is a peek at what happens here in the city when we get a TON of rain all at once. It might seem shocking to some, but when you live here this is actually normal. Although, this doesn’t happen often, maybe a few times per year.

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  1. your videos are very informative, thank you! we live in texas, will be moving to florida and you've helped us by speaking of common sense topics!

  2. Hi Michael . I am glad you did this video. I had been wondering about the flooding. Really that isn't really that bad I don't think. I mean really I mostly see everyone driving cars and even though there was a lot of water in the parking garage the water wasn't even up to the bottom of the doors on the Mercedes that the Valet was moving. I have seen much worse than that here in Virginia. It seems like from what I can see is that when it rains in Florida it may last for a day at the most but mainly it's over in a couple of hours. Man let me tell you when it rains in Virginia sometimes it can last for a whole week or more. Once again people have given Florida a bad rap about Flooding. I am serious just look up flooding in Richmond Virginia or Hurricane Gaston video in 2004 . I work for the City of Richmond and we have two huge underground structures that between the two of them hold 65 million gallons of runoff rainwater and in 22 years I have never seen them totally empty. Anyway thank you again for this video. But that is minor flooding compared to Richmond and Virginia Beach Virginia.LOL

  3. Sadly this is only going to get worse as the oceans rise, which is a shame because MB is such a nice place. I appreciate honest realtors who admit this is a problem. South Beach is one of the coolest places in the nation and everything is walkable … or swimable!

  4. It’s a shame that some of the residents who live in the good parts of Miami live in low lying levels then the people who live in Miami Gardens and opa-locka but as they say ignorance is bliss that serves them right.

  5. Great video man” but that jeep in that parking garage should be okay as the water wasn’t high enough to reach the engine compartment and that that jeep was sitting pretty darn high, but again great and nice video, thanks for sharing still thinking of moving to Florida and Miami/Fort Lauderdale is still my preferred choice vs the other Floridian cities and towns… Tony J. from the Midwest…

  6. Get used to it because water levels are rising . In 3 yrs , water will be flowing out those houses toilet bowls . Fact : Army or Government will force Floridians to retreat from lower areas . If someone from Gov ., offers you a Buyout package , jump !!!!

  7. I drove my 2002 toyota corolla through a flooded street here in Florida. Water got into the spark plugs, which caused the engine to run on two or three cylinders. After removing the plugs it took several days to air out the holes. Finally using a shop vac in reverse did the trick.

  8. You showed the draining, in general for most area how long does it take for all this to drain or dry up. I would guess within a day all it absorbed or drained away?

  9. I liked this too, as nice as the walking tour videos. Hopefully you’ll do more of these of every neighborhood in Miami, of course with a dash cam.

  10. Good to present a flip side of life in Florida. I like big rainstorms, though a flooded parking garage would not be great. The water recedes quickly. Why did the elevator fail? Are the electrical components in the garage? Lots of flights of stairs with high heat & humidity (especially, with groceries or other large items) would be a pain, but your heart got its cardio workout for the day! When I had an Alfa Romeo sports car, I would have had to be grounded in water like this, as it rode very low, and Italian engineering did not mesh with moisture well at all! In some parts of Florida, homes on the coast have to be built on stilts to guard against flooding. (same with some beaches in the Carolinas).

  11. I've heard that flooding in Miami Beach has been getting a bit worse over the last 10-15 years. The whole Florida peninsula has been below water as much as it has been above water over the last ten or twenty thousand years. Still it's a great place to live and enjoy, especially if you can get on the water in a good way!

  12. I have that exact same C300 Merc, good thing they moved it, because it’s low to the ground. Your video reminds me of all the people with snorkels on their trucks, as if it will go through 4 feet and not suffocate the exhaust flow and frie all the electronics,, lol

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