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  1. THE FIRST MILLIONAIRES OF SOUTH FLORIDA MIAMI WAS NOT A fFALSE JEW {Revelation 2:9-10./3:9/11:1-19./14:1-20./22:7.}OR AN AFRICAN; THE FIRST MILLIONAIRES OF SOUTH FLORIDA WERE: The Tequesta were a small, peaceful, Native American tribe. They were one of the first tribes in South Florida and they settled near Biscayne Bay in the present-day Miami area. They built many villages at the mouth of the Miami River and along the coastal islands. Like the other tribes in South Florida, the Tequesta were hunters and gatherers." Romans 9:6-7 6It is not as though God's word had failed. For not all who are descended from Israel are Israel. 7Nor because they are his descendants are they all Abraham's children. On the contrary, "It is through Isaac that your offspring will be reckoned." SO THAT PROMISE WAS GIVEN TO 144,000 WITNESS AND THEIR FAMILIES{ACTS 16:31.}OF SANCTUARY THAT ARE THE REAL SPIRITUAL JEWS AND SONS OF GOD FATHER AND SON JESUS; SO THE WHOLE PLANET EARTH, IT IS OUR ANCESTRAL LAND."{PSALM 24:1./ISAIAH 66:1./GALATIANS 4:21-31./REVELATION 5:10.}

  2. Conveniently left out that Fisher was a known Anti Semite, that Dana Dorsey, Miami's first black millionaire sold him the island he renamed Fisher island, and Bahamian laborers cleared the land for development.

  3. I lived in Florida and been to Miami beach plenty of times and had a blast on every Miami trip… It's also super hot so for me to see these gents with full length suits on Miami Beach is amazing

  4. What about mentioning that Fisher bought what is now Fisher Island from Florida’s first African-American millionaires, Dana Dorsey.

  5. Hey uh, they neglected to recognize the cocaine boom of the eighties that literally exploded growth for southern Florida……especially Miami. It does snow in southern Fla. and it is very profitable.

  6. I live in South Beach, part of the year since i was a child, love the history, would not trade it for the World, i'll take it all, the good, the bad, the ugly..loved this !

  7. I see in comments a lot about what color you are. Can we all just acknowledge the fact that kids were labor workers too ? shit wasn’t sweet back then for nobody unless you was born in a family of a man who has made he’s money. A MAN not a white man or black man or some other man but a human been with brain.

  8. You all forget if it were not for black laborers Miami Beach probably wouldn’t exist , it’s easy for you all to say why bring it up, but you clearly forgot that this goes hand and hand. It’s so easy to dismiss. Blacks have been building the US for FREE for how long and get no credit for it, but weren’t allowed in certain areas so you do the math and whenever we built our own community’s they were bombed and destroyed. It’s sad and ignorant that every other group of ppl can discuss their harsh conditions but when black ppl talk about it or bring it up it’s either dismissed or said that we’re being militant or anti Semitic. Get off your high horse! “White Privilege” is real and has been around since FOREVER!

  9. Keep in mind the MEN who built Miami Beach, many were Black and worked under harsh conditions. When my parents built their house on MB in 1951, the foreman for the white construction workers refused to sit and lunch with Black workers. My mother solved that by saying the Black workers would get paid first and the white workers could lunch in the sun, no shade.

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