Andrew Van Ginkel Discusses the Offseason Program | Miami Dolphins Media Avails

LB Andrew Van Ginkel meets with the media on May 20, 2021 to discuss the continuation of the offseason program.


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  1. That question about the shuffling of the coaches – that lit a bulb. AVG spoke to it a bit – you need to do a bit of everything. And the mixing of the coaches may be part of that as well. The press seems to think Flo is doing it randomly – obviously if he’s letting folks go,that’s one thing, but I haven’t seen a single video of someone who doesn’t come off as at least football smart. The TEAM is VERY flexible – if you can understand more of your position as well as those where your responsibilities overlap, you are reacting faster and making plays all over the field. I hope it makes us that much more intuitive and just that much better.

  2. I swear some of these questions are so dumb. Do these guys do this for a living? Its hard to tell sometimes. Anyways, AVG is going to be a terror on that field this year! #finsup

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