All About Living In: Miami Beach , Florida 2021

All About Living In: Miami Beach
If you are considering moving to Miami Beach or learning more about living in Miami Beach you need to watch this video. I go over everything Miami Beach, from cost of living, best areas, what it’s like to live here and pro’s and con’s of living in Miami Beach.

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So sit back and enjoy! 🙂

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Best Neighborhood In Miami

Pro’s & Con’s Living In Miami

Living In Miami Beach:

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  1. I hear Miami people are rude! Is Miami Beach any different (more specifically in North Beach)? Also, is it true people get frustrated if you don’t know Spanish in Miami Beach?

  2. An honest real estate agent would discuss the rising oceans – and future flooding. The Spring Break violence doesnt help however ottherwise its a nice place- friendly and scenic. Renting is much smarter than buying though.

  3. Hans, We appreciate your input & insight about living in Miami… I plan to purchase in Brickell this year and I plan to use you with My realty help. I already know where I'm buying, so it will be a lay-up sale for you. I just need your input abt living in Brickell and wanting to enjoy South Beach on some weekends… Would it be cheaper to drive and pay for parking in South beach or should I uber from Brickell each time? Also, does Brickells free public transportation take people to Miami Beach(South beach) as well? Lastly, on average how long is the drive from Brickell to South Beach? I REALLY appreciate your answers, as I live the Carolinas, and not that familiar with Miami. The Brickell condo will be a vacay home purchase for Me. Thanks again Hans

  4. Love your channel, I've learned a lot. I'm new to South Florida from San Francisco and do real estate photography and video so hopefully our paths will cross! Keep up the great content.

  5. LOL I could tell you were stoned when you did this and its cool. You never mentioned the "cons" and there is only one big one and that is the rising ocean and flooding. Miami Beach is wonderful but even real estate agents admit its a huge problem. You should have mentioned this right off the bat.

  6. Men, puedes hacer un video acerca de como es ser un agente de bienes raíces en miami? y tambien de otras oportunidades de trabajo que puedes encontrar alla

  7. I like this guy’s videos but he absolutely sucks as a realtor… he completely blew me off and never got back to me. Very unprofessional. Unsubscribed.

  8. If Bitcoin keeps this up I will be in the market for a 2 bedroom condo in south beach this December. You’ve provided a lot of good information for me. We will be in touch! you deserve the commission.

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