Emergency curfew in Miami Beach over spring break Covid risk – BBC News

A state of emergency has been declared in the US city of Miami Beach, Florida over concerns large crowds gathering for spring break pose a coronavirus risk.

A 8pm-6am curfew has been announced in the island city that will remain in effect until at least 12 April.

Traffic restrictions are in place during the curfew, while businesses in the busy South Beach area must close.

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  1. Fuck america. these are students ? shit, this knowledge and wisdom is making me speechless. students XDDD so i break up with my school, go to america and go study, then i be a doctor or something XD

  2. Curfew was in place because people were getting drunk, dining and dashing, fighting and causing literal chaos. The BBC is literally a biased comic book with wings.

  3. 1:27 "I'm not really worried about Covid, nome sayin? Just gotta be cautious nome sayin? There's no guarantees from the Covid, you could be out and just chillin." Great attitude. He's not worried about spreading the virus cuz he's just chillin.

  4. Too many people are coming with bad intentions……..Mr.Major……what drugs did you have for breakfast. Walter Disney: I kick em out Magic Kingdom at 3pm and when they get mad they have “bad intentions”! 🖕🖕🖕🖕

  5. No, I don't know what he was saying……….I wonder if he knew what he was saying. Know what I'm sayin? Why did we only see a couple of white people amongst all those vacationers? I'd say that 99% were of a much darker shade.

  6. Cheap airline tickets brings out the ignorant poor! I work in airport so I see it first hand. Pandemic hit airlines hard, so they trying to stay in business offering these cheap flights and every dummy and they cousin can fly now! Attention walmart customers, Buy 1 airline ticket get 4 free…..

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