DJ APO – MIAMI ft. Artash Asatryan (Official Music Video)

DJ APO bringing back a classic hit with his own twist.

Follow DJ APO on Instagram @DJ.APO
DJ APO Whatsapp/Viber: +18183995402

Follow Artash Asatryan on Instagram @artash_asatryan

Executive Producer: DJ APO
Arrangement: DJ APO & MG @ 9120 Media
Mix & Master: MG @ 9120 Media
Music & Lyrics: Artash Asatryan

Music Video Credits:
Production/Director: Prosper Entertainment
DP/Assistant Director: @OCUFILMS
Models: @LunaGirlsCasting
Makeup: @Makeup_bysell
Aerial Photography: @Hakobian_productions

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors:
Pur Motors
1120 S Brand Blvd. – 818.502.0202

Pita Chips Factory – @PitaChipsFactory

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GTS Motors
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