Should Have Stolen It: Butler, Bam, Miami Heat lose G1 to Bucks | Five on the Floor

The Miami Heat got great performances from Duncan Robinson and Goran Dragic (part of their 20 3-pointers) but lost to the Milwaukee Bucks in overtime on a Khris Middleton jumper.


Inefficiency from Jimmy Butler and indecision from Bam Adebayo.

Ethan Skolnick, Greg Sylvander and Alex Toledo dissect it, and don’t agree on the issues with Adebayo’s aggression.

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  1. Alex is asking why they didn't call for a guard to screen for him. Bruh, he literally had no one covering him and he didn't take a shot. The screen is to free you up, why do you need a screen if you're already free?

  2. The Bucks made 5 3's and was horrible from the FT line and Still won yall saying Bam and Jimmy not gonna be that bad again thr Bucks not gonna make only 5 3's again and miss that many FT

  3. Bobby Portis plays the offensive game they want frim Bam. Which guy would you rather have. Bam is what he is the big scoring games are the anomaly not the norm.

  4. Crazy how folks are calling Bam out for being trash. At the absolute worst he's a solid contributor who's struggling to reach his maximum potential. Maybe he doesn't have an aggressive personality, that's gonna require some mental shifting and soul searching. But trash? Absolutely not.

  5. Im done with Bam. In my opinion he is the best move in summer to add a True Big. I keep Nunn and Robinson and lets trade Bam and Herro for a true star and a big. Sorry if my opinion donk like !

  6. JAE crowder used to be the Hype man out on the floor. Who is the Hype man now? I don’t see anyone pumping up the team. Ariza is quiet out there. It’s pretty clear now he doesn’t have the strength Jae did.

  7. I know this might be a unpopular opinion for alot of heat Nation but if bam keeps stinking it up and if the sixers get bounced early as in 2nd round I can see a trade coming revolving bam and embiid and I think embiid would actually thrive next to jimmy down in Miami rather than in philly. Btw heat fans can complain all they want but it seems that jimmy is getting more and more frustrated with bam and if it came down to letting jimmy walk or keeping bam I’m sure they’ll trade bam

  8. heat fans always delusional bucks shot 17% from 3 yet won, yet you think the 2 teams are equal miami give most point in the paint the bucks feasted in the paint, this will be available for the bucks all series. brooke n giannis feast in the paint all series.

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