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  1. Love your videos buddy keep up the good work.

    Edit: I just heard the “Couldn’t get it up”joke lol I just laughed so hard and my boss just looked at me weird

  2. Missed the live stream but watched the replay in its entirety. Great job Doug and love the Q&A aspect of. From a fellow NYM and Fins diehard living in northern NJ, keep up the great work and thanks for all you do to entertain the masses. Hope family doing well. Also, working on the wife to schedule our FL vacation during that Texans / Ravens week. If you do end up going to one of those games, must connect. Would be cool to tailgate with the DDW crowd. (not a Kiss fan huh?) All the best.

  3. The Tua haters really don't get the value of having a QB on his rookie contract. If Tua makes the leap this year, even if he's not as good as Watson, he'll be worth it because the rookie contract will allow us to sign two extra starters or pay our own young talent. I just don't get these people.

  4. Hey Doug, I know we've been hearing a lot about Jalen Philips and we have Emanuel O. On the other side. My question is do you think our draft pick Jason Stowbridge will be able to take a big step up? What's you opinion on him being able to be a good DE for the dolphins.

  5. I feel the same way Doug does how can you love this team and hate the quarterback who was destroying college football till he got hurt and I'm sorry for everybody who thinks San Diego got the better quarterback you're wrong in college Herbert couldn't have held tuas jockstrap

  6. Here's one thing I want everyone to tell me if we would have traded for Watson and he ends up going to prison and we end up losing for draft picks including waddell and jp… all of you would have lost your mind saying we should have stayed with tua come on people for real

  7. Here's a fun fact most people don't understand tua . As a rookie was average across-the-board if tuas floor is average can you imagine what his ceiling is with no minicamp no OTA and recovering off of a life-altering injury forget career-threatening nobody on this channel including Doug would be running ever again some of us would have lost our leg and the kid shows up goes 6 and 3 I know you guys do is complain

  8. Listen I got no problem with people telling me that tua sucks… if you have a valid point the last game of the season tua threw three ints he had 11 touchdowns with two ints and one was a drop pass from jakeem Grant against kc who drops everything

  9. I don't understand people everybody hating Tua you guys do know you're talking about them most prolific passer in college history you know nine touchdowns to every interception that Dan Marino in his first year had only one more win than tua.. that Josh Allen's rookie year was trash compared to tua.. that tool had a better rookie season than Russell Wilson and Peyton Manning oh and John Elway also waso threw for Less yards than tua did in his rookie season

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