Miami Beach Curfews Continue for Spring Break 2021.. (Party Moved to Miami !)

Hotels and restaurants are closed at 8.P.M on South Beach and the crowds are leaving the beach to party. The dismantling of the entertainment district is happening in 2021 on South Beach. The already weakened hospitality industry is getting a second wave of closures that is primarily hurting small business.

The Miami Beach City Council has temporarily shut down South Beach Spring Break 2021 due to unruly crowds and have maintained a 8:00 P.M curfew. Most of these Spring breakers were blindsided by the order and have decided on traveling one bridge over to the City Of Miami. Some visitors went to Wynwood Art District which is not far from South Beach. The Saturday night I filmed in Wynwood I didn’t see any unruly crowds and people were obeying a 12:00 A.M Miami curfew


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  1. it's a shame it's a such a racist city ….. I found that cubans hate every other denomination of Hispanics (they tell you what they really think if they believe you're not hispanic) ! Miami has a very good art scene and nightclubs but not very good food (they really believe they have a great food scene but it's no Los Angeles or NY or Chicago) …. the craziest thing is how trump friendly it is and yet so many people DON'T speak English (what a conundrum). It's a pretty mediocre city struggling to present itself as a "real city"

  2. It's not the time to party. Jesus Christ is coming. I don't want anyone to be disappointed for all eternity. Do not accept the vaccine. Anyone who take the vaccine will not inherit the kingdom of heaven. Jesus Christ is coming. If you seek Him you will find Him. He looks nothing like the famous pictures. I've seen Him. Tell everyone you love to avoid the vaccine for the Covid-19.

  3. Me and my wife will be in Miami from 19 – 23 April for a Afro Disco House Music Festival. Do you think South Beach will still have the curfew? We will be staying on South beach.

  4. Hey Alfred,you wanna hear something crazy,I was watching the show and I fell asleep but I can hear your voice, the next thing I know I'm their with you in the show.
    As you are interacting with other people im there and when you say im here with so and so you recognize me that here from Texas,crazy.
    But here's the ticker, what I amagined was totally different from the vidio ,cuase I went back to see if it really was what I was imagining, it was different.
    My imagination was with you was awsome ,the people,nightlife on floating pier with boats and water taxis and plenty of good everywhere ,man I wish I can really explain but you know ,Thanks for taking me along.
    Sounds crazy but it happened.

  5. Im so happy they are making it difficult for this people with the curfew!!! Im sorry for the business owner but then again many in Sobe said they were destroying tables and chair and leaving without paying.

  6. On a beautiful sunny day in our Florida it’s wonderful. On a lot of days the glitter and glam sits in feet’s of water…flooding. It’s all a mirage. Our southern Florida is doomed.

  7. This was a great area and I hope you revisit it another time. Next time move the camera more slowly, a lot of good art work and people were just blurred out from moving the camera too fast. It got better after an hour I still gave it a like, keep up the good hustle.

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