Miami Beach calls in more police to handle spring break crowds

NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports that since the spring break season began, police said they’ve made more than 900 arrest — more than 300 have been arrested for felonies. Sanders joins ‘The News with Shepard Smith’ to discuss. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:

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  1. looks like a certain race is trying to get away as much as possible so they can cry out police brutality blah blah blah…act like civilians and you will get treated like one!!!!!!!!

  2. Miami too hott , expensive, traffic the party life gets boring

    Texas , Nevada , Arizona is better quality of life for family and business

  3. Get the Facts straight. The curfew is set in because of color people rioting and fighting in the streets EVERY WEEK and worse during the spring break. There are no elevated COVID cases for the last week. Lame stream Media is faking the issue as COVID and not color induced riots.

  4. Those are fake cases of COVID like come on. If we had the riots and stuff last year why are they not sick ? But only these few Miami people? Like nah don’t believe the news people.

  5. “The violence in Miami is due to COVID and RAAACISM” (what? They dropped “climate change”) ODD that the Mefia Apparatchiks (now known as the Soviet Democrat Party’s Parvda) didn’t have riots in Democrat Party CONTROLLED urban Plantations (other than Philly) during the Election Year but are now unleashing ANTIFA and OBLM on their Urban strongholds in Red States… if people voted for Biden in the hopes of appeasing their MOB… they have NO knowledge of Historty of how the Brownshirts and Bolsheviks came to power… street thugs!

  6. Every year it's the same problem. And Miamians that live here stop going to Miami Beach due to the fact of violence, they go to the Keys, Ft. Lauderdale, Naples, and Ft. Myers. As a resident we need our city back.

  7. Well when a entire generation is brainwashed enough to riot in the name of violent criminals, chanting their names and saying they are them, that's gonna have consequences. Perhaps the news should have called that like it was.

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