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Originally on Lockdown 23&1
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  1. Another fuckin waste Il say dis'Im down with ill shit not drill shit'Too many chalk out lines an yellow tape.Nice 1 again for the 411 J.C. peace out My Bostonian Broheem.Dublin waitin on the next drop.👊🇮🇪

  2. What is the mental state of these young men that are without a moral compass? What happened to music that reflected Love. Guns, whores, money stacks, drugs, and boasting about the death of someone’s brother, cousin, uncle and the saddest of all, the innocent children caught in the crossfire of some lost young man’s ego trip! As soon as people realize that these greedy entertainers are not to be idolized and that their stupid lyrics are written to keep private prisons full and the investors pockets full!

  3. Damn, a convicted felon in possession of a firearm + usage of that firearm and stealing a vehicle in 2017 out of custody by 2019… WTF!

    Edit: sure as hell couldn’t have been in Florida. I forget sometimes I heard that since so many violent incidents happen in Chicago that people often don’t catch as much time because those types of crimes happen daily.

  4. I love your style… Regardless of what you're talking about…. Let's get it… Due to me having to get back to the money I watch it twice…. Give it up for the two times…. Rocking til the wheels Fall off 🤞▶️

  5. I just remember listening to your story talking about Cushing House and I fucked with u off the rip based off that cuz I was one of those young kids there tryna figure my shit out. Now u huge and one of the hardest working you tubers fasho keep going mane. And I moved from Boston to Miami with my aunt too

  6. Imagine the odds you come out the club in another state and your opp is standing their wit wit a gun in your face SMH I know his heart dropped frfr he went the a whole different state smoked em and flew back SMH Chicago's turnt frr

  7. You even say it yourself dude wasn’t even performing and the the fact that they pieced it all together in this day and age I don’t think these laws are going above and beyond but just so happens two out of the 4 in the Durk case are dead which two are it again 🤔😞 the only two left alive Durk/BayZoo Gawn

  8. Oh shit .. I work at a fine dining restaurant in coral gables and I had that lady judge and her associates at a big party in the private dining rooms .. she’s super nice and they over tip

  9. You tell these stories so well. I heard this story, but not the part where he ran, tripped and fell, and the suspect stood over hella bands and shot him in the back of his head 🤦🏿‍♂️. That’s how most dudes be dying after running away. Pants be down, and all types of stuff. I’ll never ever get it man. It’s just not worth it ##STOP THE VIOLENCE!!!!!

  10. I fuck with my boy just cause of the Boston accent. Also I appreciate the research, time and effort you put into these vids. Been watching for a min but you definitely got my sub and support! 💪🏾💪🏾💯💯💯💯💯

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