Homeless man confrontation with Miami police department caught on tape

Video posted on social media shows the tense confrontation Thursday between a homeless man and a Miami police officer.


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  1. I clearly heard the reporter mention the officers deescalation training.,. What happened to all the other cops,., didn't they get the same training or did they miss that class???…

  2. For all the dummies that say "Just taze him"… Yet they tazed him 10 times and none of them hit… Ya perfect for a life and death situation you clowns

  3. the lawyer summer it all up…the dude just wanted food and shelter. It's sad, but you hear many homeless people do the exact same thing.

  4. Homelessness and mental issues are a major issue in this country!! There are things that could be done but the law I know for a fact makes it very difficult for the person with mental issues to get help AND makes it hard for the family to advocate for them. Its an illness same as heart disease or anything else. It shouldn't be this hard.

  5. Funny how they said the cop moved backwards- like he only capable of forward motion…
    What happened to doing whatever keeps everyone safe??
    Are flip flop assults on the rise?

  6. So now he gets a free room, 3 meals a day, hot shower 3x a week, cable t v, cushion mattress, ample supply of water, reading material and several hundred blokes he can call his homies.
    Cheers for the American Justice, where criminals get treated better than veterans.

  7. He could have thrown a rock into a store window and went to jail. I've seen others just like him and they were not homeless. I'm homeless myself. I clean up by pouring water over my body. I eat by doing odd jobs. Media wants to make homeless and blacks into victims. They are victims of their own choice and dem policies.

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