FUN walking: OCEAN DRIVE South Beach MIAMI Florida 4k video

FUN walking: OCEAN DRIVE South Beach MIAMI Florida 4k video

Awesome walk in Miami Beach Florida, in the USA! This drive by the beach is really fun. Awesome people, specially beautiful girls and handsome boys gather here and go to bars and restaurants to enjoy life! Virtual walk watching this travel vlog with 4k hdr. This is a slow tv video in a nice urban / beach environment, taken before the present sanitary situation, when tourism was at its best! It will continue to be a main vacation destination in the United States of America always. Let’s city walk!

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  1. Damn look at that traffic I hate crowded places 😜u be all day in traffic I rather be in the beach then just seating and eating and getting fat 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. It's not the time to party. Jesus Christ is coming. I don't want anyone to be disappointed for all eternity. Do not accept the vaccine. Anyone who take the vaccine will not inherit the kingdom of heaven. Jesus Christ is coming. If you seek Him you will find Him. He looks nothing like the famous pictures. I've seen Him. Tell everyone you love to avoid the vaccine for the Covid-19.

  3. Yikes. Had to stop watching. Too many "thick" women. How about tossing in a salad or two instead of cheese nachos.?? Maybe a little exercise. Looks like a lot of diabetes in the making.

  4. 一の救い主としての主イエス・キリストが戻ってきました..悔い改め、時間がある間、手遅れになる前に彼を受け入れてください!

    Yuiitsu no sukuinushi to shite no shu Iesu Kirisuto ga modotte kimashita.. Kuiaratame, jikangāru-kan, teokure ni naru mae ni kare o ukeirete kudasai!

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