Tubbs Meets His Former NYPD Partner | Miami Vice

Miami Vice classic! At a bar, Crockett & Tubbs are meeting with a man named Wango Mack. The DJ suddenly blows Tubbs’ cover by announcing to the entire club who he is. At OCB, Tubbs reveals the man that blew his cover is Clarence Batisse, his former partner in the NYPD;

From Season 3 Episode 18 ‘Better Living Through Chemistry’: Tubbs’ attempts to stop synthetic cocaine of the highest purity from hitting the streets are threatened by his ex-NYPD-partner, whose career was destroyed by Tubbs’ testimony regarding a confused shooting.

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Welcome to the Official Miami Vice Channel on YouTube! Join the iconic vice cop duo Crockett and Tubbs as they take you onto the mean streets of Miami, Florida.

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  1. Unbelievable how Miami Vice only lasted 5 short seasons, in complete contrast to the cheap, toxic, cancerous reality TV shows like SURVIVOR and BIG BROTHER (I'm looking at you CBS) that have infested television for the last 20 consecutive years.

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