Top 10 Reasons NOT to Move to Miami, Florida

The Top 10 reasons You Should NOT move to Miami, Florida and the worst things you NEED to know about moving to Tampa, Orlando, or Jacksonville instead.
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What’s it like living in Miami? Well first off, there’s perfect weather for half the year but the other half is hot and humid with hurricane season and lots of rain during the Summer. It’s actually one of the largest cities in the USA and one of the best cities for young professionals, which is probably why it’s growing incredibly fast! It’s also, along with Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Jacksonville and Miami Beach Suburbs, one of the 10 best places to live in Florida AND all of America. If Florida has a high quality of life with the most beautiful beaches and sunsets on earth, why shouldn’t you live in Miami, Florida?

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  1. Who doesn't love warm weather and beautiful beaches? Hope you all enjoy Miami, Florida and Can we SMASH 3000 LIKES for a video on Tampa or Jacksonville?!
    Also, which city do you want me to cover next?

  2. Ive lived here for 40 years, the city inspectors are worse than anything else we have to put up with, dade county city inspectors (the golden cows) for the city to make money on the blood of poor and middle class.

  3. I went to Miami for the first time a week ago and I noticed that I got in the habit of washing my hands after everywhere I went and everything I did because it was so dirty I just kept feeling like I was going to get hepatitis or aids. Eccch. The drivers are as bad as they are because most of them just got off the boat from Third World countries where they don’t have motor vehicle licensing standards.

  4. This is so Very (Sadly) True!!!…. The Locals here are Highly Unintelligent, Making every experience involving the Public "like Pulling Teeth). Whether its the Gas station, a coffee shop, Grocery Store….You will See the "Absence of Common Sense", at its finest….. Miami is an IDIOCRACY

  5. "Miami won't exist, but they'll still loan you hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy property there"
    Well the most powerful institutions in the world seem to believe Miami is going to be fine

  6. Kinda a knock off of briggs videos but interesting nonetheless. You missed the part about the governments 3 billion dollar investment into storm water pumps

  7. When I was younger I visited every summer and dreaded leaving/hated when the trips came to an end, so I do love it there (loved the atmosphere, lots to do and see and the houses are beautiful). It’s been about 17 yrs since my last visit (can’t believe it’s been that long). I can see myself living there part time.

  8. U make it seem like everyone speaks Spanish. And that’s just not true at all yes there are people that speak Spanish but I never have had any issues with meeting people because of a language barrier

  9. Well weather great in Miami today. Wonderful breeze from the ocean on most days. I would rather be here than in a desert climate where temperature reaches 100 plus. Bugs ok but beautiful parrots fly free all over. Do you see that in other cities. Nah.

  10. I've been living in Miami since 2016. Everything is true but some facts are exaggerated. Finding a parking spot isn't that bad. I used to live in San Francisco it was 10X worse. In Miami I never pay for parking on the side of the road and it's rare when I get a violation ticket. Try to do that in NY city or SF. Lol Bugs and other creatures aren't that big a deal. You won't see alligators & deadly spiders in the city. Mosquitos are not a big issue either but It's true about cockroaches. They are big in size and you will often find them inside of your house. They come out at night time. Tropical climate/humidity isn't a big issue for me personally. I got used to it.

  11. Miami Native: Yes it’s not a place you can make progress. Yes many of us have left . But this guy would who made this video sounds like he has extra soft skin and Miamians would hurt his feelings. Yet he still wants to go there . Str8 🤡. Tremendo come miérrrr 🤦🏾

  12. Bro this video is all facts bro! born & raised in Miami! the flex culture is real big out here. #3 was on point! so many fake ppl tryna fit inn. and it’s hard to find a relationship cus the women look for a unrealistic lifestyle with being in Miami’s glamorous city. the city Brickell is like the “Hollywood” of Miami that’s where all the fake ig entrepreneurs/forex & models be lol this video is so spot on! 305 All day represent!!!! dade-county

  13. This guy truly hates our red state Florida/ Miami. Bcs 90% of what he blubbered was simply over exaggerated and simply not true! I’ve lived in Miami and all arnd south Florida for 36 YEARS! Came here when I was 21 frm Switzerland, with only 10’ in my pocket had kids and family here!!! The ONLY true agreeable with this obnoxious dude commenting abt Miami is…… it’s very humid in June, July, August and SEPTEMBER is the peek of humidity!!!! Take it frm smone who’s leaved here and endured every hurricane storm and hot steamy summers coming frm a country like Switzerland!!!! This dude is full of S-t!!!

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