Miami Heat vs Milwaukee Bucks GAME 1 Highlights 1st Half | 2021 NBA Playoffs

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  1. Put some respect on Bobby Portis Style of play he gets it done as a role player nothing like a role player that accepts it and plays like a starter or Great Role player and that's bobby Portis

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  3. Awesome game 1 but these referees are calling everything for the bucks including a flagrant on Duncan … Should jimmy had gotten one? The guy took shots in mid air wtf.

  4. Bucks are weak, giannis still can´t shoot 1st, 2nd round & out the usual short foray! Lew Alcindor has a better chance in a comeback than bucks winning a chip, sixers or nets will sweep the bucks try again next year!

  5. Home court advantage really take its place when it comes to confidence level, but defense and and leadership must come to play for miami in game 2,heat struggle with their offense some adjustments must be made by erick spoelstra

  6. Can I ask you a favour?
    If you don't mind changing the thumbnails for the next uploads so that the score will not be spoiled for us.
    I work during the games and I intend to watch the highlights from you channel.

    Your channel is my go to channel when it comes to the NBA

  7. I’ve never seen a team like the bucks who screw things up so bad with under 4 minutes to play..
    3 horrible very stupid passes, 2 goofy shots, Giannis handling the ball knowing he can’t shoot free throws, and then after a jump ball that Giannis retrieved, he dribbles the ball up court instead of giving it up like he should..
    Milwaukee has played like this 3 years running, and they’ve lost in the playoffs every year because of the teams stupidity.. and if they do lose game 1, it’ll be there ignorance once more…

  8. Miami is tough I just think they are missing Kelly Olynyk, that was not a good trade having all the guards they have, to get Oladipo who they didn't need, plus unfortunately he got hurt. Yeah but having Olynyk would had put a lot of pressure off Adebayo on both ends. With Olynyk on the 5 and Adebayo on the 4 just lets them all play better. Miami would win easily imo. That being said, I got Milwaukee in 6 maybe 5.

  9. The Sixers are lucky that the Heat finished 6th instead of 5 or 5. Now they'll face the Hawks or Knicks in the second round if they beat the Wizards that is.

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