Mayor Francis Suarez Wants To Turn Miami Into an Un-Woke, Pro-Bitcoin, Tech Billionaire’s Paradise

Ignore the hype: Latin American immigration is (still) the city’s greatest strength.

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When the venture capitalist Delian Asparouhov suggested on Twitter last December that the tech industry should migrate from Silicon Valley to Miami, Mayor Francis Suarez (R) responded, “How can I help?” He also set up a billboard in San Francisco.

“Thinking of moving to Miami?,” it read. “DM me.”

Suarez’s bold, roll-out-the-red-carpet approach to luring away Silicon Valley’s tech elite has gotten so much attention, in part, because of how it contrasts with that of California’s ultra-left political class. Take San Diego Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez (D), who’s best known for her failed effort to stop Uber and Lyft from using contract labor in California to benefit labor unions. Gonzalez tweeted “Fuck Elon Musk” back in May of 2020.

“Message Received,” replied Musk. In Miami, on the other hand, Mayor Suarez has embraced Musk’s idea of building a $30 million tunnel for electric vehicles to ease congestion.

Suarez’s publicity stunts, including fashioning himself an avid bitcoin enthusiast, have no doubt contributed to the city’s momentum. He wants to turn Miami into a “confluence of capital,” as he told Reason.

“We have the entire financial sector from New York,” Suarez said. “We’re going to see is a confluence of capital from New York and from Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, and San Francisco. That confluence of capital, we’ve never seen merge anywhere in the history of humanity.”

But billionaires buying waterfront mansions won’t shape the future of Miami. Immigration will. Latin American ex-pats don’t garner headlines or donate much to political campaigns, but they have grit and talent that was largely wasted in the socialist countries from which they fled—not to mention their cultural aversion to big government liberalism and the woke ideology now prevalent in the Bay Area.

Miami’s ascendence in the 21st Century hinges on whether it can continue to fulfill its role as the greatest city in Latin America that just happens to be located in the United States.

Written and narrated by Daniel Raisbeck; shot and edited by John Osterhoudt; opening edited by Paul Detrick; graphic design by Nathalie Walker; animation by NODEHAUS, and Isaac Reese; color correction by Regan Taylor; additional audio production by Ian Keyser.

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  1. The problem is the VCs are the actual curators and financiers of Woke and Socialism in this country. So, is the goal really to convince those people to change their values and integrate their business and wealth into the Liberty-centric Latin community in South Florida? Or, is it actually Democrats mining California for wealthy supporters to bring their wealth and leftist ideals with them to flip the state Blue? I think we all know the REAL answer if we think about it!

  2. I'm a Cuban living in Miami. Don't forget Miami is not just cubans. And I find it hilarious because cubans are leaving Miami to move up! Almost everyone is trying to move out because how expensive it is. Politics here is also a nightmare. Miami is a heavy liberal city with many older republicans trying to find ways to get things done. But what they don't tell you is the corruption comes from both parties…….And for those in the liberty party like myself we are the 1 percent. We need to stand strong with Florida more than ever right now!

  3. As long as these tech types don’t bring California taxes to Miami, I’m fine with it. I’m now an ex Californian and I don’t want these assholes bringing the very thing they tried to escape. Hence why many of us are leaving in the first place

  4. It’s not gonna happen. Building infrastructure in swamp land and meeting building code in hurricane prone areas are huge detriments to creating this dream. Also, server room cooling costs will be enormous. Good luck, but I don’t see it happening.

  5. Francis Suarez is a sly fox courting the tech billionaires. Undercutting and ruthless. I spit on his name and his engagement with Elon Musk.

  6. How will bringing Silicon Valley companies to Florida not bring their democrat idiocy with them? More Cubans, fewer tech oligarchs! Bring Hong Kong refugees to Miami.
    Build start-up techs by freedom-loving immigrants instead of kissing the ass of marxist oligarchs.

  7. The private sector does not provide affordable housing more efficiently than the government. They don’t provide affordable housing at all. If poor people aren’t needed by the market, the market let’s them die in a lot somewhere.

  8. I lived in Miami for years. There is a conservative bent to it that I love. But..but.. it’s filled up with northeastern libs. Also, it isn’t conservatism or libertarianism American style but with a Latino twist in that they see the local govt role as bigger than I think it should be. I do know that any gov subsidized affordable housing will quickly fill up with worthless leaches. That Miami mayor is a liberal in sheep’s clothing for sure

  9. miami has lefties, rightwingers, and a couple of us libertarians sprinkled here and there. the good thing we have going for us is that woke culture is generally laughed at and "communism" and "socialism" are bad words. at least, for us working class people.

  10. 50 year born and raised Miamian here. Sorry, you could bring all the tech companies you want but if the labor force, or more importantly the brain capital doesn't exist to sustain an industry that depends on highly educated employees, it's not gonna work. Florida is near the bottom of the list in public education funding, our two big universities, UM and FIU aren't anywhere the caliber you find in California or up North, and about 50% of our population has a high school diploma or less with too many still living with their parents, fraudulently subsidized by government assistance, all while living in a house, paying for a boat, and driving a car they can't afford, looking for the next hustle, all to stave off the inevitable bankruptcy. Want to know why all the big tech and R&D firms are out west or up North, look at their universities. What's our claim? #1 in the nation when it comes to insurance and Medicare fraud. Low wages, astronomic housing costs, no real mass transit system, congested roads and highways, underfunded schools, a long-time haven for drug and human trafficking, and the occasional cat 5 hurricane all while giftwrapped as possibly the most economically unequal city in the US. What this city need is infrastructure – real mass transit, affordable housing, real investments in culture and education, and rising sea-level mitigation (at least before this city drowns in 50 years), not another hairbrained trickle-down scheme that only benefits the few at the expense of the many (like Marlin Stadium, like Miami Arena, like the Palmetto-836 interchange… ad nauseum).

  11. Unless Miami can diversify from the Central planners currency system that has a Stranglehold on the whole world then they're pretty much going to meet the same demise as everybody else as ocurrencias collapse. I understand that 30 isn't crypto but crypto currencies denominated in dollars, not in gold. Speaking of crypto on the particular Bitcoin it must be a reflection of the real inflation that has been suppressed true cooperation amongst the Elites from all over the world. That's right China and us collaborating together, and using each other's military to reduce each other's human resources. JPMorgan has been in China for over 200 years. So anyway yeah Florida needs to independent banks that actually hold bullion silver gold oh, and be prepared to fight to be independent and have its own currency backed by gold and silver, represented in cryptocurrency technology as the currency that represents that gold and silver. Otherwise cryptocurrencies in and of themselves have no intrinsic value except for the applicable unique technology that exist with each 1. They're popping up like mushrooms everyday. You can't have gold pop up like mushrooms everyday lol so there's never been such a technology to keep an accounting on to use as a actual currency that is very transactional oriented like cryptocurrency but but in and of itself and has no intrinsic value, but it could very well be used to represent that which does have value and husband money for thousands of years and will continue to have important utilities and functions in products from industry and Manufacturing all the way to your store shelves. But anyway good luck Miami.

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