Hit Another Boat | Miami Boat Ramps | Boynton Beach

Hit Another Boat | Miami Boat Ramps | Boynton Beach

Welcome to the Miami Boat Ramps channel. We are dedicated to bringing you all the craziness that goes on at the boat ramps in South Florida! Sit back and enjoy the show!

Ramps we currently cover: 79st (La 79!) / Black Point Marina / Haulover

We are working on adding 2 more ramps to the roster. Stay tuned!

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  1. The guy in the contender backed up to far. That boat ramp doesn't go all the way back to the end of the dock. It drops of a little bit when it ends, that's probably why the trailer is so low.

  2. Do they not sell fenders in Florida? I've never seen anything like this ever. Don't approach the docks without fenders and lines out on all 4 corners. You never know what lane you will be going to so be ready. If you pulled this crap in my neck of the woods, the masses would be on you like mold on cheese.

  3. When buying my center console I asked about an aluminum trailer. The sales rep said that those types of trailers have a tendency to float. Maybe the trailer for the Contender was aluminum.

  4. The solution to all this is to solo unloading and reloading by yourself on a windy day (Weekdays). You will figure out pretty quick the do's and not to do's.. Crazy to watch multiple people in the boat and it's still a cluster. Pay attention to the wind direction, current and have a plan.

  5. Wow! I had a tilt trailer and rubber rollers instead of skids. Properly adjusted to fit the boat, I could launch and retrieve my boat without getting the axle in the water. My wheel bearings lasted forever. It rolled off, and I winched it back on with little effort. I would be out in three minutes.( by myself)

  6. These people suck at docking. One dock line, trailers too deep, nobody watching boat drift. Can't back the trailer straight. The list goes on and on. Damn!

  7. Stop backing up with 1-2" of trailer tire fender showing above water line. This will almost always get it where you need it. That contender needs to keep this rule in mind for sure.

  8. I’m sorry, but in all my years of boating. I’ve never seen people this bad at it. Either driving the boat or backing up the trailer. This amazes me every time I watch it.

  9. The center console boat that had the trailer that was teetering from one side to the other was probably using some of the latest technology. They fill the tires with helium and it allows your trailer to float up and Center itself on your boat. If you don't have the same exact air pressure in both tires it won't float up evenly. This technology is not widely known and is in its beta version.

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