WHAT THEY ARE SAYING: Environmental Leaders Applaud Governor Ron DeSantis Signing Legislation to Dedicate Gaming Compact Revenues to Preserve and Protect Florida’s Environment


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. —Yesterday, Governor Ron DeSantis signed Senate Bill 1638 into law, which directs 96% of the revenue generated from the Seminole Tribe Compact to fund flood control and water quality improvement infrastructure and the continued acquisition and management of Florida’s conservation lands.   

Read what environmental leaders are saying about this landmark environmental protection legislation: 

“With this dedicated funding, Florida will continue to make impactful strides in protecting our environment. I am looking forward to continue to work alongside our stakeholders to build a better, more resilient future. Dr. Mark Rains, Chief Science Officer, State of Florida.

“When it comes to enhancing quality of life for Floridians, these supplemental revenues for flood protection infrastructure and the conservation and maintenance of our natural and working landscapes leave much less to chance. Governor DeSantis and the Legislature continue to deliver impactful investments that ensure the resilience of our communities and the sustainability of Florida’s natural resources.” Dr. Wesley Brooks, Chief Resilience Officer, State of Florida.

“It’s a historic moment for conservation in Florida and it’s a privilege to have witnessed Governor DeSantis signing SB 1638 into law. The addition of these funds from the Compact, combined with consistent high-level funding for the state’s land acquisition programs, will serve as a lasting testament to our state leaders’ unwavering dedication to protecting wild Florida and managing our outstanding natural resources. Together, alongside hundreds of partner organizations and in collaboration with our state agencies, we can accelerate the pace of conservation of the Florida Wildlife Corridor, ensuring its protection for generations to come.” – Mallory Dimmitt, Chief Executive Officer, Florida Wildlife Corridor Foundation.

“Investments in land acquisition, land management, and the Resilient Florida Program make long-term planning possible for Florida’s hardworking and highly knowledgeable land stewards. This unprecedented funding would afford our expert state staff the security they need to strategize future acquisitions and take care of our rare and sensitive conservation lands.” – Greg Knecht, Executive Director, The Nature Conservancy in Florida.

Audubon applauds this Legislature’s strategic investments in land conservation. Floridians intrinsically understand that everything from tourism to property values depend on healthy wildlands and watersheds. Florida’s prosperity and quality of life is tied to these resources.” – Julie Wraithmell, Executive Director, Audubon Florida.  

“Healthy habitats and waters are the key to healthy fisheries, for which Florida is renowned. Continuing the state’s leadership under Governor DeSantis and the Florida Legislature, this legislation makes significant investments in our natural resources. Bonefish & Tarpon Trust is grateful for this continued and substantial support for land management and acquisition, resiliency, and water quality.” – Jim McDuffie, President and Chief Executive Officer, Bonefish & Tarpon Trust. 

“We are thankful that Governor DeSantis and our state’s leadership continue to invest in Florida’s award-winning state parks. The funds generated from this legislation will support our world-class park staff in managing, protecting and improving of our natural resources.” Kathleen Brennan, President, Florida State Parks Foundation. 


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