Vino Ghvino 21 Celebrates Victory with the 2023 Best of Florida Award

TAMPA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, November 27, 2023 / — In a delightful recognition of the seamless merging of age-old tradition and contemporary elegance, Vino Ghvino 21 has been honored with the Best of Florida Award. This accolade, hosted by the distinguished, resonates deeply with the ethos of local businesses driven by genuine passion and the loyal embrace of their customers.

Unlike most awards that can be overshadowed by corporate jargon and promotional gimmicks, the Best of Florida Awards stands apart. It’s the heart of the community—the people—that speaks. This year, their voices echoed in unison, placing Vino Ghvino 21 under the limelight as their champion.

The secret behind Vino Ghvino 21’s allure isn’t merely its commitment to natural, organic, and no sulfite wines, but also the enchanting story embedded within its origins. A tale of two soldiers, disparate in languages and backgrounds, yet conjoined by a serendipitous encounter that unveiled a shared language—wine. This chance meeting evolved into a bond sculpted by shared values: profound love for their homelands, cherished kinships, and the timeless allure of wine.

“It’s not just about two warriors from different worlds. It’s about the shared spirit of humanity and the love we find in the simplest things, like a bottle of wine,” shared the proud owner, reflecting on the company’s profound backstory.

Today, Vino Ghvino 21 emerges not just as a winery but as a symbol of unity and cultural fusion. With a legacy of being woman-owned and veteran-operated, this brand transcends the conventional. It crafts a narrative in every bottle, beckoning wine lovers with their motto: “Taste History With Us.” This is not merely a call to indulge in the drink but an invitation to be part of a timeless story.

With its roots tracing back to the historical wine-making traditions of the Eastern European Country of Georgia, and with every drop infused with love, dedication, and the essence of human connection, Vino Ghvino 21 encourages everyone to take a moment. To pause amidst the hustle, pour a glass, and bask in stories that bridge worlds.

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A toast to Vino Ghvino 21: Here’s to the celebration of legacies, connections, and the undying magic of wine.

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