Tobly Inc. Introduces Groundbreaking Net 30 Financing for Equipment Rentals

Tobly scissor lift rentals nationwide

Tobly Inc. revolutionizes the construction industry by enabling a single credit application for all equipment rental needs.

Our Net 30 financing redefines equipment rental, offering unmatched efficiency and simplicity for facilities managers nationwide.”

— Pablo Carvallo CEO

WEST PALM BEACH, FL, UNITED STATES, April 26, 2024 / — Tobly Inc., a leader in the construction equipment rental market, today announced the launch of its Net 30 financing model. This new initiative is set to transform the landscape for facilities managers nationwide by providing an efficient, streamlined process for renting scissor lifts and boom lifts. With the Net 30 model, Tobly offers unprecedented access to a wide network of equipment suppliers through a single, simplified credit application.

Pablo Carvallo, Founder and CEO of Tobly Inc., explained the strategic importance of the initiative: “Our Net 30 financing is not just an incremental improvement; it is a comprehensive overhaul designed to expedite equipment deployment and facilitate the management of large-scale projects. By simplifying access to our extensive supplier network, we ensure that projects can proceed without unnecessary delays, adhering to both schedule and budget.”

The Net 30 model addresses several critical pain points in the equipment rental industry by consolidating the traditional multiple-application process into a single transaction. This change significantly reduces administrative overhead and enhances project efficiency. Facilities managers can now secure the necessary equipment faster and with less bureaucratic friction, improving project turnaround times and operational productivity.

Additionally, Tobly’s Net 30 financing provides flexible terms tailored to the unique demands of each project, supporting better cash flow management and financial planning. The model is complemented by Tobly’s commitment to customer service, which includes comprehensive support throughout the rental period to resolve any issues swiftly and ensure continuous project execution.

About Tobly Inc.

Founded in 2017 by Pablo Carvallo, Tobly Inc. has quickly become a pivotal player in the equipment rental industry, distinguished by its innovative approach and commitment to customer service. The company specializes in providing scalable solutions that respond dynamically to the needs of facilities managers across the United States.

Contact Information:

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Tobly Inc.

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Phone: 212 634 9099

For more information about Tobly Inc. and the Net 30 financing model, or to learn how this initiative is reshaping the equipment rental industry, please contact us.

Tobly Inc. invites facilities managers and industry stakeholders to explore how the Net 30 model can make equipment rental more accessible and efficient.

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