Stephen Nalley, Distinguished Entrepreneur and Expert Negotiator, Launches a Masterful Guide on the Art of Negotiation

Relentless Pursuit

Stephen Nalley, DBA, CHA

Relentless Pursuit

“Negotiation is not simply a skill—it is an art that, when mastered, can change the trajectory of your business and personal life,” ”

— Stephen Nalley, DBA, CHA

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, November 3, 2023 / — Black Briar Advisors announces the much-anticipated release of “The Foundations and Principles of Negotiating”, a compelling new book authored by the company’s founder and CEO, Stephen Nalley. This work encapsulates Nalley’s profound expertise as an American Real Estate Executive, entrepreneur, veteran, and esteemed author, offering a dynamic exploration into the sophisticated world of negotiation.

In “The Foundations and Principles of Negotiating”, Stephen Nalley distills decades of frontline experience in high-stakes real estate deals into essential strategies for powerful and effective negotiation. The book is meticulously crafted to serve as a definitive guide for business leaders, real estate professionals, and anyone looking to hone their negotiating skills.

Rooted in the realities of the fast-paced and often unforgiving realm of repositioning distressed real estate assets, Nalley’s insights are as pragmatic as they are enlightening. The book lays out foundational concepts and advanced tactics alike, providing readers with the tools to navigate and negotiate the complex interactions that define modern business dealings.

From establishing leverage to understanding the psychology of the opposing party, “The Foundations and Principles of Negotiating” addresses the full spectrum of negotiation dynamics. Readers will learn to craft compelling offers, recognize and counteract negotiation tactics, and build rapport that leads to mutually beneficial outcomes.

The book also delves into the philosophical underpinnings of negotiation, encouraging a mindset that promotes ethical standards, respect, and long-term relationship building. Nalley’s perspective is further enriched by his role as a Member of the Forbes Business Council and a Writer for the Entrepreneur Leadership Network, where he shares his business acumen with a global audience.

“Negotiation is not simply a skill—it is an art that, when mastered, can change the trajectory of your business and personal life,” says Stephen Nalley. “This book is about laying the groundwork for that mastery and empowering readers to negotiate with confidence and integrity.”

“The Foundations and Principles of Negotiating” is now available for purchase at book retailers and online. It promises to be a seminal resource for seasoned negotiators and novices alike, offering timeless wisdom applicable across the spectrum of negotiation opportunities.

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About Stephen Nalley

With a storied career in transforming distressed properties into lucrative investments, Stephen Nalley stands at the forefront of real estate and business strategy. His firm, Black Briar Advisors, epitomizes the success that can be achieved through skilled negotiation and strategic foresight. As a veteran, Nalley brings discipline and honor to the table, infusing his business practices with integrity. His active roles in the Forbes Business Council and the Entrepreneur Leadership Network are a testament to his commitment to excellence and leadership in the field.

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