STATEMENT: Florida Senate Democrats Respond to the End of the 2023 Legislative Session

Tallahassee —

With the end of the 60-day session for the Florida Legislature, members of the Florida Senate Democratic Caucus shared these statements:

Florida Senate Democratic Leader Lauren Book (D-Davie) said, “This was a tough Session – the toughest I have ever been a part of. I am proud of the bipartisan moments that shined through – expanding Florida KidCare, investing in affordable housing and the environment, eliminating the diaper tax for infants and adults. We needed more bipartisanship, especially on issues affecting Floridians’ health, safety, and their pocketbooks. The middle ground was lost on women’s health care, public school protection, access to the courts, equality, gun safety, and the right to unionize, among others.

On culture war issues, Democrats lost those battles – but we showed up and fought hard even when the chips were down, because that’s what our constituents elected us to do. No matter the odds, we will always stand up and defend Floridians’ rights and personal freedoms — and we will do it again, and again, and again – until the ground we lost is won, because I do believe the pendulum will swing.”


Senate Democratic Leader Pro Tempore Jason Pizzo (D- Hollywood) said, “This legislative session was sadly overshadowed by the aspirations of an absentee Governor.

While there were glimpses of nonpartisanship on important issues this session – we need to let the light of transparency shine through, ditch the senseless attacks on the vulnerable, and re-establish the autonomy of the Legislature. Despite the resources to spin the narrative, the Governor’s agenda has not been resonating well in the polls, nor in the Senate chamber.”


Senator Tracie Davis (D- Jacksonville), who also serves as Democratic Caucus Fiscal Policy Chair, said, “These past 60 days made for a historically difficult session, with historic assaults on elections, LGBTQ+ rights, traditional public schools, and women’s rights. However, we had some small victories. Today we return to our communities, celebrate those victories, and gear up to keep fighting for all our constituents next year.”




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