Spectrio’s New Zoom Rooms Integration Puts Idle Meeting Room Screens To Use As Powerful Workplace Communications Tools

New Zoom Rooms Integration With Spectrio’s Enplug CMS Software Allows Collaboration Screens To Double Up As Digital Signs

TAMPA, Fla., April 05, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Workplace meeting screens that sit idle when not being used for Zoom-powered collaboration sessions can now be put to work as powerful business communicators, using a new Zoom Rooms software integration developed by the digital signage software and solutions firm Spectrio.

The software toolset allows organizations to turn blank screens into dynamic information hubs, seamlessly switching to captivating visuals, company news, and announcements when Zoom Rooms displays are not in active use.

To use the new Spectrio feature, Zoom users just add the app-like integration – called Enplug for Zoom Rooms – to their Zoom Rooms account. They can then plan, prepare, and set Zoom Rooms to roll over to Enplug-powered messaging between active sessions.

Enplug is Spectrio’s primary content management toolkit for delivering experiences in workplaces and other environments.

“Businesses want to get the most out of their technology investments, and they know the screens they use in workplaces for video collaboration have down periods, when they’re just blank sheets of expensive digital wallpaper,” says Christian Armstrong, Director of Business Development of Spectrio. “Enplug for Zoom Rooms allows users to optimize the investment, by turning these screens into digital signs – pushing out relevant content that connects with and engages employees.”

The content mix can vary from meeting schedules, company announcements and KPI dashboards to employee recognition notices and broader information about news and advances in the company and its operating sectors.

“There is a wealth of valid research out there that confirms how effective workplace communications boosts both employee engagement and productivity, so it only makes sense to use every tool at hand to distribute messaging,” adds Christian Armstrong. “If businesses have an easy way to add to their business messaging processes using something like Spectrio and Zoom Rooms, why wouldn’t they?”

To use the integration, end-users need a Zoom Rooms license, and a Zoom Rooms configured location is required in order to display Enplug content in a Zoom Room. One Enplug license is required per screen.

Getting started is simple – creating a Zoom Room, setting it to Digital Signage, and tying in with a content display group created within Spectrio’s Enplug content management platform. To learn how to get more out of your workplace’s Zoom hardware, book a demo today or download Enplug for Zoom Rooms on the Zoom App Marketplace.

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