WASHINGTON D.C – Today, Congressman Carlos Gimenez (FL-28) voted for his fellow colleague, Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar’s, Resolution Denouncing the Horrors and Failures of Socialism (House Concurrent Resolution 9)

The resolution outlines several historical examples of the greatest crimes and tragedies of socialism, and why such a system goes against the founding principles of our great nation. It specifically highlights examples in the USSR, China, Cambodia, North Korea, Cuba, and Venezuela.  

Our community understands all too-well how socialism leads to oppression, misery, and exile,” said Congressman Carlos Gimenez. “In honor of our community of victims and survivors of brutal socialist regimes, I was proud to vote for House Concurrent Resolution 9 denouncing the horrors and failures of socialism. Socialism is an abject failure and we must fight to protect our exceptional nation from this murderous ideology,” Gimenez said

Passing this resolution would make a bold statement that the People’s House unequivocally denounces this cruel and unjust ideology. It would also ensure the United States commits to never begin or normalize the implementation of socialist policies that inevitably lead to economic ruin and political authoritarianism.

Congressman Gimenez is the only Cuban-born Member of the 118th Congress, arriving to the United States with his family shortly after the Communist takeover. Congressman Gimenez represents Florida’s 28th Congressional District, home to hundreds of thousands of victims and survivors of socialism and their families.

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