WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Carlos A. Gimenez (FL-26) sent a letter of support to the 10 airline executives who urged President Biden to end the federal mask mandate on airplanes. In the letter, Gimenez announced his office will be introducing the America Reopens Act, legislation which will include provisions that end the federal mask mandate on airplanes once and for all. The 10 airline executives included those from:

·      Alaska Airlines

·      Delta Airlines

·      Atlas Air Worldwide

·      Hawaiian Airlines

·      United Airlines

·      American Airlines

·      UPS Airlines

·      Southwest Airlines

·      Airlines for America

·      Jetblue Airways 

·      FedEx Express 


For the letter sent, click here. Partial text of the letter is below:

In following the science, I introduced the Unmasking of Americans Act to revoke the federal mask mandate on transportation systems once and for all. I am also in the process of introducing legislation, the America Reopens Act, intended to end all scrupulous and unnecessary COVID-19 restrictions mandated by the federal government, including the current mandates placed on U.S. airlines.

Under these unscientific federal mandates, transportation industries have been unfairly singled out as they continue to have the mandates imposed on them indefinitely extended while COVID-19 mandates lapse for other industries. The airline industry specifically has done its part in ensuring passengers are kept safe while flying, and with the mitigation protocols put in place by carriers such as yours, Americans can fly with confidence knowing they are just as safe in the air than they are on the ground.

I thank you for all you have done to keep our skies open, our people moving, and getting our goods to where they need to be in the face of this pandemic. I stand ready to assist in any way I can to further the fight against these nonsensical mandates and restrictions and I share your commitment to ensure safety and well-being of all Americans.



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