SurR.Ai Celebrates a Year of Groundbreaking, Colorful Fusion: Merging Human Creativity and AI to Shape the Future of Blockchain-Secured Digital Art

SurR.Ai – A Cutting-Edge Startup Offering Curated Digital Art Crypto Collectibles, NFT News, and Web3 Education All in One Place, Redefining the Intersection of Technology, Art, and Commerce.

NEW YORK, March 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — SurR.Ai, a trailblazer at the convergence of Visual Arts and Artificial Intelligence, celebrates its first anniversary with a soft launch that heralds a new era of blockchain-secured, AI-amplified digital art. The launch highlights the unveiling of 15 Exclusive and Limited Edition NFT Collections, innovative in-house developed Web3 News outlets, The Tribute Project, and the announcement of an upcoming reveal of “Aphrodite,” a unique “phygital” artwork from the “FameFocus” Exclusive NFT Collection, set to debut at the #NFTNYC2024 Annual Conference in April.

Marking a transformative year in the rapidly evolving worlds of digital art, blockchain technology, AI innovation, and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), SurR.Ai celebrates its first anniversary with the soft launch of its groundbreaking platform. This milestone event showcases the company’s unique fusion of human creativity and AI, setting a new standard for the future of digital art. Evolving from a startup into a beacon of innovation, the platform offers an array of features, including “SurR.Ai_Originals” and “SurR.Ai_Tributes” projects.

“In just a single year, SurR.Ai has become a veritable cornucopia of innovation, offering more than 1,500 digital crypto collectibles, complete with compelling backstories and invaluable Web3 educational resources,” said Vladi Lepisko, President and CEO of LV Agency, Inc. “What has been created is akin to a virtual art fair—a supermarket of realized creative ideas. And if this is what SurR.Ai has achieved in a single year, one can only imagine the monumental impact it will have in the decades to come.”

The SurR.Ai_Tributes Project
“SurR.Ai Tributes” is a unique experiment that transcends typical digital art boundaries. This innovative project honors creative geniuses from both past and present, including iconic poets like Velimir Khlebnikov and William Wordsworth, and legendary painters such as Van Gogh and Salvador Dalí, among others. It also extends its tribute to filmmakers like Sergei Eisenstein and Andrei Tarkovsky. What distinguishes this project is its educational aspect: each NFT is more than just art; it’s a case study encapsulating the essence of these celebrated artists. Their “creative DNA” is intricately woven into each digital masterpiece, serving as both a teaching guide and a virtual collaborator, thereby giving birth to a new form of collaborative art. This approach fosters a novel form of collaborative art, bridging the past, present, and future, and charting a new educational course for artistic collaboration that honors historical legacies while forging new paths.

Showcasing “Aphrodite” at #NFTNYC2024
SurR.Ai is thrilled to present “Aphrodite,” the crown jewel of the “FameFocus” NFT Collection, at the Artists Village at #NFTNYC2024. This annual trade show and conference, taking place in New York City from April 3–5, 2024, is a prime opportunity to experience firsthand SurR.Ai’s vision and our commitment to advancing digital artistry. The exhibition marks a significant milestone, celebrating our fusion of art and technology and our expanding influence in the digital art realm.

“Designed to elevate the user experience, the platform lays the groundwork for a revolutionary era in digital art, anchored by three pillars: Digital Art Crypto Collectibles by SurR.Ai, NFT News, and Web3 Education,” explained Vladi Lepisko. “It strives to achieve two main goals: producing captivating visual art and fostering a knowledgeable, digitally adept community. We are convinced that education and technological awareness are essential for widespread crypto adoption.”

NFT SurR Post, a segment of SurR.Ai, provides updates on digital art, metaverse innovations, and the art industry. It showcases SurR.Ai’s unique art, offering comprehensive backstories, and delivers up-to-date NFT news via the weekly ‘The Future of Collectibles‘ newsletter on LinkedIn, keeping readers informed in the fast-moving Web3 sector.

Join us at SurR.Ai as we celebrate our first anniversary, unveiling a stunning blend of human creativity, storytelling, artistic skills, and artificial intelligence. Be part of our celebration and explore the ever-changing landscape of digital art. Our journey is just beginning, and we’re excited to explore this thrilling future with you.

Learn more by visiting both publications online and follow SurR.Ai on social media: YouTube, LinkedIn, X, Instagram, Discord, Telegram, Facebook.

LV Agency, Inc., with 26 years in marketing, entered the Web3 space in 2022, partnering with SurR.Ai, a leader in digital art, NFTs and Web3 education. Leveraging their marketing prowess, LV Agency enhances SurR.Ai’s global presence, firmly establishing it as a forefront player in digital art and blockchain education.

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