Pantheum Studios, Euldora Financial, and Santi Films Announce a $150 Million Partnership Deal to Produce 15 Feature Films Focused on Diverse Storytelling

ATLANTA, May 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Pantheum Studios, a pioneering subsidiary of Euldora Financial, a multinational investment management company, is proud to announce a monumental partnership with Santi Films, a division of Santi Media Group, LLC. This $150 million deal encompasses the production of 15 feature films, marking a significant investment in diverse storytelling and innovative filmmaking.

Jeremy L. Christensen, Chairman and CEO of Pantheum Studios, expressed his excitement about the collaboration: “We are thrilled to embark on this ambitious journey with Santi Films. This partnership represents a significant investment in diverse and compelling storytelling, aligning perfectly with our broader vision for excellence and innovation across industries.”

Jeff Wallner, President of Production of Pantheum Studios, added, “This 15-picture deal is a testament to our commitment to fostering creativity and diversity in cinema. We are confident that Santi Films, with their impressive library of stories and visionary leadership, will bring their narratives to life in a way that resonates with audiences globally.”

Santi Films, led by Melinda Santiago (CEO) and Leon Cosby III (COO), will focus on adapting books from their Santi Books catalog into compelling feature films. Santiago commented, “This deal is a transformative opportunity for our Santi Films division. We are excited to convert our rich library of books into films that highlight the rich tapestry of Hispanic and Black communities. Our goal is to tell stories that are not only entertaining but also culturally significant.”

Cosby emphasized the importance of representation in film: “We believe in the power of storytelling to bridge gaps and foster understanding. By focusing on stories from diverse communities, we aim to bring fresh, authentic perspectives to the forefront of cinema.”

This landmark deal will see the production of 15 films over the next several years, with a strong emphasis on narratives that reflect the diverse experiences and voices of Hispanic and Black communities. The first project under this agreement is set to begin production later this year.

About Pantheum Studios

Pantheum Studios, a subsidiary of Euldora Financial, is dedicated to producing high-quality, innovative films. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on fostering creativity, Pantheum Studios aims to deliver compelling cinematic experiences that resonate with global audiences.

About Euldora Financial

Euldora Financial specializes in strategic investments in the entertainment industry, offering lucrative opportunities in film financing and asset management. With a diverse portfolio including whole life insurance policies, real estate ventures, and film development, Euldora maximizes returns while minimizing risks. Backed by a seasoned team and strategic partnerships, Euldora drives growth and delivers exceptional value in entertainment finance. 

About Santi Films

Santi Films, a division of Santi Media Group, LLC, is a pioneering film production company committed to producing high-quality, impactful content. With a focus on diversity and representation, Santi Films aims to bring unique and authentic stories to a global audience that reflect the richness of diverse communities. Santi Films is dedicated to creating films that educate, enlighten, and entertain.

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