Art and Soul Group creates themed hotels in three must-see locations in Portugal

LISBON, Portugal, May 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ The Art and Soul Group has created three themed boutique hotels in three emblematic Portuguese cities: in Porto, Porto A.S. 1829 Hotel, in Lisbon, Lisboa Pessoa Hotel and in Évora, Évora Olive Hotel, to portray particularities of the Portuguese culture. With these three locations, and hotels in the city’s historical centers, visitors can get to know three different themes of Portuguese culture, both within the hotel and by visiting these cultural references – essential for those who want to get to know Portugal from North to South.

First came the Porto A.S. 1829 Hotel, from the restoration and revitalization of a building of great architectural and heritage value, dating back to 1829. This hotel portrays and pays homage to the history of Papelaria Araújo & Sobrinho – one of the oldest in Europe, in the same family for five generations. António Gonçalves, Group Administrator: “it was essential not only to keep the stationery shop but also to give it a prominent role as a source of inspiration and a way of keeping its history alive. It’s part of traditional local heritage and history of the city.”

In 2016, Évora Olive Hotel was created, a tribute to the Olive Tree and Oil, revitalizing a historic and iconic building in Évora – the Eborim Shopping Centre. Inspired by this, the hotel wants to introduce guests to the symbols of Alentejo culture and life: the cultural spaces, costumes, landscapes, olive oil, gastronomy, and wines.

In the same year, the Portuguese capital was chosen as the location for the Lisboa Pessoa Hotel, inspired by the life and work of Fernando Pessoa, a Portuguese writer, near one of his former homes, Largo do Carmo.

Portuguese culture is so rich that we must make it known to those who visit us” affirms the Group Administrator. “We have always believed that hotels are more than spaces where you sleep and have breakfast. They should be spaces that offer experiences. Therefore, the themes of our hotels allow visitors to experience this culture, far beyond decoration, through events or walking tours, through employees sharing, the history and culture of the city and country,” he explains.

All three units have great Restaurants within the hotel; both Évora Olive Hotel and Lisboa Pessoa Hotel have a Wellness & Spa Centre.

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