USPA will host Miami Beach Fire Watch Service Training Seminars this weekend

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Fire Watch Guard in Miami In-Service Training Miami Beach

Free In-Service Training is available to those who provide Fire Watch Services in Miami Beach through USPA Nationwide Security.

Training is available to those who provide Fire Watch Services in Miami Beach through USPA Nationwide Security.”

— Brian Fitzgibbons, Vice President of USPA

MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA, USA, December 9, 2022 / — Free In-Service Training is available to those who provide Fire Watch Services in Miami Beach through USPA Nationwide Security.

USPA Nationwide Security launched a free training program earlier this year for its fire watch services. During the in-person training, fire prevention tactics and NFPA requirements will be discussed. This weekend, USPA’s fire prevention division will be in Miami Beach to provide free training to fire guards and clients.

This weekend, the Fire Prevention Division of USPA Nationwide Security is including a stop in Miami Beach, Florida. It is the purpose of this tour to provide free fire watch training to their current fire guards. In addition, it is to introduce their clients to NFPA compliant fire watch procedures.

Briand Fitzgibbons oversees USPA’s off-duty firefighters’ training schedules. Educating their clients and fire watch guards is their mission. There will be a discussion on fire prevention and local compliance.

Fitzgibbons describes Fire Watch as the activity of assigning qualified individuals to continuously and systematically monitor a building in order to detect and control fire hazards. These individuals will detect early signs of fire, activate an alarm, and notify the fire department in the event of a fire.

During this weekend’s training in Miami, the fire guards will focus on the following topics:

– The identification of potential fire ignition sources, such as frayed electrical wires and improper storage of flammable materials.
– Be sure that guards are familiar with the proper location of fire extinguishers. In addition, they should know how to ensure that they are undamaged, unobstructed, visible, charged, and in proper working condition. It is also imperative to ensure that the bands that secure the pin are intact.
– The study of combustible materials, such as trash and garbage, is conducted.
– In the event of an emergency, ensure that exits, stairwells, and corridors are free of obstructions.
– Monitor the operation of illuminated exit signs.
– When inspecting self-closing doors, make sure they are not blocked or wedged and that they can close freely.
– Ensure sprinkler systems are not obstructed, leaky, or have closed valves.

All USPA fire guards and clients have access to fire watch training. This month, the fire prevention division will also visit Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

Overview of the Miami Beach Fire Prevention Unit of USPA Nationwide Security
A nationwide security guard company, USPA has branches in many states across the country, including Miami Beach, Florida. The company only provides fire watch services in Miami Beach, armed watchmen, executive protection agents, and traditional security guard services in Miami Florida. Currently, USPA Nationwide Security ranks fifth worldwide in terms of revenue, with cumulative revenue exceeding $1 billion since 2005. The company donates up to 50% of its profits to charity every year.

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