“According to my vision, everyone should be able to smile pretty quickly”

ATHENS, GREECE, November 23, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Doctors are not typically famous, but Dr. Evangelos Viazis, an expert on the Fastbraces® system, has become quite popular. He is credited with introducing Fastbraces® to Europe, a technology that can quickly and safely move and fix teeth. Dr. Viazis is an internationally renowned dentist who has made significant contributions to the field over the past two decades, particularly with his work on Fastbraces®.

Adopting Fastbraces® was a no-brainer for Dr. Viazis since it was invented by his brother, Dr. Anthony Viazis. His brother invented the technology in 1992 in Dallas, Texas, which revolutionized the industry. The technology has been adopted by thousands of dentists in order to provide their patients with a more efficient way of straightening their teeth, as opposed to traditional methods such as wearing braces for extended periods of time. Dr. Viazis chose to adopt his brother’s invention and bring it to Greece because it was the logical thing to do. It wasn’t just that he was related to the founder of the technology; he was passionate about orthodontics and helping other dentists learn about these revolutionary practices.

Dr. Viazis studied dentistry at the School of Dentistry at the University of Athens. He did very well on Greece’s national university entrance exams and was in the top five candidates. He opened his first clinic in Athens in 2000 after graduating and introduced Fastbraces® to the city. He was passionate about Fastbraces® because it allowed him to provide orthodontic and general dentistry services more efficiently. In 2004, he decided to focus exclusively on orthodontics and opened two new locations in Athens. He has been successful in treating many orthodontic cases, even some rare and challenging ones, and has built up a good reputation in Greece. He is a teacher and guide for dentists who want to learn about Fastbraces®. He has even written a book, Fastbraces® Greece, Atlas of Clinical Cases, that serves as a guide for ambitious young dentists looking to train in the technology. Dr. Viazis is also active online, appearing on TV and online talk shows to discuss Fastbraces®. His official orthodontics account, Fastbraces Greece, has over 125,000 followers. He has a great personality and is very eloquent, making him an excellent public speaker. He does an excellent job of breaking down the concept and technology behind Fastbraces®, which leads to patients who were initially hesitant about braces developing an interest. He has achieved a lot of success with Fastbraces®, to the point that other dentists often use his cases as examples in their speeches or training sessions. He has made Fastbraces® popular in Greece and is now expanding to other European countries. With the help of Dr. Andreas Aspros, the technology was successfully brought to Cyprus. He attends seminars on orthodontics around the world, giving his insights on fast and minimally invasive methods of straightening teeth. He has given talks at numerous conferences and events, including the Fastbraces® Meetings in London and the Harvard Club, sharing his expertise and inspiring dentists from all over the world. He frequently travels to interesting places and posts about his experiences on Instagram.

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Ποτέ εξαγωγές δοντιών στην ορθοδοντική, Dr.E.Viazis’ Published Fastbraces Case

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