Buffalo Bills Vs Miami Dolphins Week 2 Live Stream Reaction!

I have my Dad with me while we react to the Bills Vs Dolphins Game!

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  1. There is no way we trade for Watson. We need all the deft picks we can get to fix both lines. Tom Brady would be mediocre behind this line. I hope this embarrassment motivates them to play better.

  2. I just saw we play the red hot Raiders next week… They just beat the team that beat the Bills last week… I have 0 confidence in our chance to win this game 🙁
    I reviewed the whole schedule again and we may win 8 tops. That OLine was our biggest issue and it was not address in the offseason, now will will reap what was sowed…

  3. My friend Kelly burnt his Marino Jersey after the 1985 championship loss to the patriots ……….. he jumped out of the bus at St. John’s university……… cursed the students we went skiing with then sprayed the Jersey with lighter fluid and 🔥 🔥👹🔥👹…………this team bites 🇺🇸🐬🏈🌴😎🇺🇸

  4. I hope Tua gets better soon I've had bruised ribs before it's very painful and you never can get comfortable and I got mine from playing sports as well. You can't sleep on either side right or left side nor on your back you have to sleep upright it sucks. Seriously hope Tua gets better soon.
    Fins Up

  5. it was all tua's fault that we had to fight to win last week. this time it was Ross's fault for making Flores the coach and Grier the gm. can we fire Ross? we have the worst team in the nfl. only team to score 0 points. i hope Tua is done, cant play anymore and we have to draft one next year

  6. Same ol 🐬 it all starts with the Oline on the field and even in the Tannehill era he was running for his life every week ruined a much better qb than Tua will ever be Flores belicheck approach isn’t motivating any one in the locker room and clearly by his staff play calling his strength isn’t X’s and O’s him and the front office dropped the ball two drafts in a row with taking Tua over Herbert and taking Stephens that high another few years of futility ahead for us smfh

  7. I did not see the game but from what I can tell this is one of worst games the Phins have ever played. I did not expect that from a BF team. Are we back at Square One in rebuilding a once proud franchise or was this just a weird fluke? Only one team today looked like a playoff team and it wasn’t you know who. On the other hand for those fans who love Justin Herbert even he would have suffered from an atrocious line, no running game and butterfingered receivers. Just saying.

  8. My Negativity was and has been spot on. Flores is responsible for what is put on the field. That's what makes a good coach or what would define a good coach? His hiring, firing, drafting, coaching , decisions, are all his. Clearly with all the draft picks and money at his disposal are failing! Period! No excuse for this. We have not improved and we are not a good team. Period.

  9. You should never ever associate the Dolphins of today with those of yesteryear by showing the real Dolphins logo and that fake one you showing now. This Dolphins side are imposters thru and thru, including going with the hype of a QB, over drafting a real QB in Justin Herbert. I said it to you previously and you dismissed me as a troll. I am being proved right.

  10. Well here I am Tua sycophants? Thought you would be dancing on my grave by now? Exactly. Worst pick in Dolphins history overtaking Kumerow instead of Chris Speilman or Sammy Smith over Steve Atwater when we needed a safety. Never thought we could top that embarrassment but low and behold we did. Phillips is going to be right there as well. What a reality check. Most of you needed it. Truth. We couldn't get Watson now with 100 picks. We got nothing anyone wants except X who is a stud and we almost didn't pay him … what's that tell ya? How's Minka doing in Pittsburgh? What did we get for him again? Pfffffft. Say hello to 5 and 12 my little friends.

  11. Bills fan here.. Josh Allen did not have a good game. The Bills Offense did not have a good game. It's the defense that carried the game. The Offense needs to shake off this "rust"

  12. Jim Kelly days return. First Patriots now Bills own us. Beat us like a red headed step child. Floridian living in New York fir last 35 years. You got no idea the crap I take for sticking up for this team. Ride or die still a fan of Miami. Is it coaching? Player selection and development? I don’t know. Wish staff would figure out our identity maybe come up with better game plans. Can any of these guys think of something original? Haven’t seen anything new since wild cat. Team fleeced Mr. Ross with this game. Good job Miami and that includes whole team and staff.

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