Miami River Boat Ramp is Smoking ! (Chit Show)

Miami River boat ramp was a complete Chit Show on the Miami River. My name is Alfred Montaner host of the Chit Show.Today we see boats and tourist partying down the river.

The boat ramp on the River is not that frequented because we dont have much parking.Having that said we do have a Wellcraft that was a hilarious Chit Show!


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  1. The other day while watching one of your videos I saw someone come up to you and check your papers. I have heard at Haulover Inlet they make you purchase a $300.00 per day permit to film the boat entering and leaving the inlet. Were they checking to see if you had a permit to film the boat ramps. What was the permit for as it didn't look like at the time you were fishing or docking a boat.

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