2 men drugged and raped woman who later died in Miami Beach, police say

The men were visiting Miami Beach for spring break from North Carolina, investigators say.


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  1. I'm 82 years old retired engineer and I'm having hard time understanding what is happening in our country, I think we are too soft with criminals, you can see in the face and eyes without a doubt that those man are problematic.
    On the other hand, it costs between $25,000 to $40,000 per year to house inmates in correctional facilities, assuming they have no medical problems, so let's say minimum, $25,000/year X 20 years = $500,000 dollar each that we tax payers have to pay, So why spend that money on something that is not worth it? this is like the problem with the bad apple in the same barrel with good apples “One bad apple spoils all other apples” So what not execute them in a month or so and not many years later and do the same with child sex offenders, then give the victim's children about $150,000 to pay for good education, and do the execution in public for the other criminals to see, I guarantee you that if a criminal knows that if he commits a crime of that magnitude and they will execute it in a short time, he will think twice.

  2. They should be charged with murder. Drugging her rendered her helpless to fight off a rapists or to seek medical help. They might not have planned to kill her, but what they did do her led to her desth. At the very least, they should be castrated.

  3. You Racist on here do not care about the girl that lost her life, you are just glad it's two black boys that did it. It doesn't matter what color they are or what color the women was it still a horrible act of crime, and they need to pay for what they did.

  4. The world we leave is absolutely disgusting. Murders, rapists, Racist, all of you are disgusting and sad excuses for human beings. Fu*k you all. I pary these two get and anybody like them gets what they deserve.

  5. Honestly, we don’t know what happened. Did she walk into that hotel room willingly or did they force her? Did she plan on having sex with the both of them and they got scared when she didn’t wake up or was she actually taped and murdered? Why was she out there by herself. Did they drug her or did she take the drugs herself? She’s dead so she can’t tell her side but there’s so many different scenarios to this situation. Idk ☹️

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