Miami Heat: We're almost at training camp | The Clutch Corner

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  1. I missed this one, here's what I got, I agree with Troy when he says, we got the bad twin.

    I agree with Adams PJ Tucker take, until he shows otherwise, who thinks PJ Tucker is going to be good on offense, the nets and Suns chose not to guard him, and he did not burn them.

    I do not agree with anyone, when it comes to bashing KZ, he is a Young long very athletic player, that can defend now.

    But, check every contender in the league, and you will see young players that hardly ever get minutes, if you're complaining about KZ, then you believe the heat roster is poorly constructed.

    No legit contender, NEEDS the 14th spot to produce.

  2. KZ bashing I get. Riley bashing just cost you a subscriber. He pulls rabbits out of a hat. Every year, he has no picks or assets and we are amazed at trade deadline heists. Over 5 decades of excellence. How old are you?

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