North Miami Beach Condo Issues Emergency Evacuation

The city of North Miami Beach has issued an emergency evacuation from the Crestview Towers Condo after it was deemed unsafe.


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  1. I can see an epidemic of all major high rise buildings in the U. S. Now being evacuated at once to avoid major lawsuits not because they really give a damn about the tenants lives or safety. After all, they have been taking the rent every month all of this time

  2. And this will unfortunately keep happening. If you look at the amount of our infrastructure (both public and private) that is older than 40yrs old and consider the building codes of that were in place at the time then you will be able to draw the obvious conclusion that a lot of these things need revamps or complete rebuilds.

    I truly feel horrible for the people who have lost their life and are loosing access to their homes but lets please not confound the situation by forgetting about it in a week and not taking these incidents as warnings as to what is coming!

  3. I have wondered how the salt environment would affect buildings. Saw one report where an engineer estimated the life expectancy of these buildings at 50 years. Wonder what that does to the selling price of a 30 year old unit?

  4. Suddenly evacuating buildings. How corrupt is that whole area if only now they are caring about collapsing buildings.
    The US sounds more third world every day. Canada and Mexico should each build a wall and keep the yanks from fleeing over. I don't even believe they are a wealthy country anymore, they must be cooking the books to appear wealthy. They are very much a poor country. They have all the appearances of a poor country, anyway.

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