Miami Dolphins Post Victory Press Conference!

I go over what flores said in todays presser!

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00:00 Intro
01:03 All 22 Update
02:28 Presser
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  1. I remember when Flores use to smile at post game press conference after a win LOL boy , that seems like a long time ago now , He looked like someone thinking about new Quarterback …LMAO

  2. I'm looking forward to Fuller playing this week. I really hope that he helps stretch the field and take some pressure off the other receivers, and also opening up the run game. I didn't get to see Sunday's game. So I didn't get to see how certain players performed. But I'm crossing my fingers, holding my breath and praying that we will beat the Bills this week! That would have a HUGE impact on our chances of winning the division. And we are all wondering if and when Tua will have a jaw-dropping breakout game… This would be the best time (IMO) for that to happen. But I would be happy with any kind of performance that results in a Dolphin's win!!! Fins up!

  3. Hey Doug also the bills were making a lot of penalties against Steelers some were called some weren’t but both sides of the ball was obviously fouling. After a while those fouls caught up with them and the Steelers were able to pull out a W. A lot of holding on their O line against their aggressive Watt and Ingram

  4. Great video as usual Doug. 👍 OL definitely still our weak spot. You could see the difference on Sunday. Our OL still forcing Tua to rush while New England’s OL allows Jones to read War and Peace before getting rid of the ball. Our run defense needs to get better too. I hate the chunk plays we give up. Hopefully we cleared the cobwebs this past Sunday. We need our A+++ game against Buffalo. One other huge stat…. Our consecutive game with a takeaway is still alive with 23 consecutive games the longest active streak. 🐬🆙

  5. COTD: do you really believe that Holland forced that fumble ? Because if you look closely it looks like Jones punches that ball out. Great video once again ! Fins Up

  6. Tua plays behind an average at best offensive line. I didn’t realize the Patriots offensive line was substantially better. So yes, Mac is going to look better.

  7. Hey Doug, great vid. Loved watching the stream from Japan VERY early in the morning here. New to your channel. Will be with you again on Week 2. Lifelong Dolphins fan, temporarily displaced by the Navy. Haven’t been this excited about a Dolphins team in many many years. That said, lots of work to do, and our 2021 team identity remains to be seen. I’m not overly optimistic on a week 2 win, given the opponent, but I am expecting a better showing than last year’s wild card game. Keep up the great content. Hope I’m wrong about week 2!

  8. Comment of the day: You were right. I remember when I first subscribed to your channel when you first started when you said the reason you started this channel was because if we won or lost it was never covered. Only the other team won or lost. Now as I search the other popular national media channels it's all about how the Patsies lost. Nothing about us winning. Thank you to you, to Reason, To Larry, to Curtis, To Moose, to the whole gang over there on Dolphins Talk and Big O. I've only been a fan for 3 years but thank my lucky stars that you guys are here for us.

  9. Comment of the Day
    Dolphins gave up a lot to move 8 spots for Liam Eichenberg. The plan when we drafted Liam was to play him at Right Tackle. I wouldn't scuttle the original plan before week 1. Put Eichenberg at Right Tackle Jesse Davis off the bench and either Jackson or Little at Left Tackle. Dolphins always seem to play musical chairs with the offensive line. If Eichenberg is better on the left side of the line. Kick Kindley back to Right Guard and put Eichenberg at Left Guard. Hunt then could go back to Right Tackle. The Left Tackle spot is a mess because of Austin Jackson and his poor techniques.

  10. I hear everyone saying flo is smart and tua sucks. My question is, if flow is so smart and tua sucks, why didn't flo get a qb with the 3rd pick? That dont make sense 👍🐬

  11. Good win to build on.
    Concerning areas
    1. Run d
    2. Qb pressure
    3. Oline protection
    4. Injuries
    5. Consistency.
    6. Tackling
    7. Wilson, gescki etc disappeared

    1. Rookies like waddle
    2. Stingy d
    3. Individual talent
    4. Tua looked better.

    I'm okay with the game. But I know we can play better. I feel good starting 1-0

    We have the potential to be a dark horse this yr.

  12. I don't think you can compare Tua and Mac in terms of who had a better game. Tua was under pressure throwing against tight man coverage at almost all times. Mac also had pressure, but was mostly throwing against zone coverage that played very soft. When he got down into Miami territory and the dolphins had that end zone boundary in play Mac Jones suddenly became pretty ineffective. Context is key and there are about a million situational variables. Props to our front seven, they brought the pressure, but Mac's quick release against the soft zone coverage made it go almost completely unnoticed.

  13. Hey Doug, when you do the in depth breakdown can you please pay close attention to the incompletions Tua made and his ball placement on those throws? Just going off memory, I remember him being off target to Waddle (though the commentators jumped all over Waddle acting like it was an easy catch and a well thrown ball) but also remember a well thrown ball in the end zone to Wilson that was broken up, a well thrown ball to Parker over the middle that LOOKED LIKE he may have had it in his hands and the defender reached around him and knocked it out, and a back shoulder throw to parker on the left sideline where the fine line between great coverage and interference forced parker to try to make the catch without the use of one of his arms.

  14. I agree Doug our defense won us the Patriots game in my opinion. I will say vs buffalo though we do need to score more than 17 points in order to win. I have been saying in order to beat the bills you have to not only outplay them on offense but score more points than them as in 30+ points. Then our defense steps in and gets turnovers to would secure things to. Cant wait to this game Sunday. I’ve been excited about this game vs buffalo since the schedule came out. Everyone remembers what happened last year fans and players included so to me it’s a payback game even though it’s a new season. This makes us the beast in the east when we go 2-0 and have a two game lead over buffalo. My prediction was a 4-0 start and I’m sticking to it. Let’s see what happens GO FINS🐬🐬🐬

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