Driving the Miami Vice Testarossa (There was a Fire!!)

This is going to be a long one so grab a snack and a comfy chair. The story behind this iconic vehicle is hard to even tell in any short period of time. It was initially gifted to Universal Pcitures by Enzo himself, later painted white on the direction of Michael Mann so that it would show better at night on the classic television show, Miami Vice. Later it was purchased by the quintessential car collector and race car driver, Preston Henn. And now Curated has it in Miami, where its going for a little drive in it’s old stomping grounds before it goes to its new owner.

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  1. John… with your stories and Curated, you are putting Miami back on track on what it should be all about. You are spreading culture, values, education and entertainment. Conserving the cars and their history. You are doing a very valuable job for Miami. Thank you.

  2. Bro my hair on my arm's were standing on end even I felt hot and warm all over. The best show ever nothing can come close to MIAMI VICE. I here there is a new one coming all already airing and plus I saw in an article that a new testarossa is going to be made with some modern touches. Great video thanks for bringing back the 80's MIAMI VICE MY FAVOURITE SHOW OF THAT ERA.

  3. I notice you mentioned the swap shop owner bought the car in 1990. I always assumed he bought it at Barrett Jackson in 2003 or 2004 because of that story I told in the other video where my friend and I were in the swap shop looking at the Ferraris in 2004 and I mentioned to my friend how I had recently seen the miami vice ferrari sell on BJ and he points behind me and goes "you mean that one?".

    Was it the other Miami Vice Testarossa that sold at Barret back then?

    I actually have photos of it behind glass at the swap shop from back then.

  4. I did not see it in this video. Maybe I missed it. At work now so can't go back and sneak another view….. 2025 Brickell Ave. Should have gone there, and gotten out and taken a picture or vid of the most famous building of all aside from the headquarters Bldg mentioned. The Palm Court Building with the spiral staircase in the middle of the building.

  5. How much… Like a ballpark figure would this car sell for?

    Oh, and thanks for making this content. I'm from Norway and grew up with this show. Thanks again for showing the world. 🙂

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