College Football Brawl – BYU vs. Memphis in Miami Beach Bowl

Football bowl game brawl


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  1. check out super douche #53 leonard pegues at :37 mark………we see lenny stomping his cleats onto someone at the bottom of the pile……….way to go Lenny! Your the meanest girl on the team! Coach says "This is not who we are"………wrong coach…….that is exactly who you are……..

  2. Very disappointing. Especially because I respect both of these universities (I'm actually a Notre Dame Irish fan but Memphis and BYU have both earned my respect), and it makes me disappointed and a bit mad that these young men, representing their families, communities, friends, and in BYU's case their church, played such a heartfelt game and then could not vent their post-game emotions like the grown men that college football should help you to become. I hope their unsportsmanlike conduct at the end was a fluke and doesn't demonstrate what kind of people they really are.

  3. Three Memphis players clearly started it when they jumped #56 (as was pointed out by the announcers). No college football team on the planet would sit back and watch one of their teammates getting sucker punched like that.

  4. Lol even though I see football players acting immature I also see ignorant comments bringing up Mormons and race… Grow up and show at least some maturity in yourselves and act the way your parents were supposed to raise you. Or if not then I feel bad for you AND your parents.

  5. So basically this is what happened: The Memphis player goes over to the BYU side of the field and starts taunting Christian Stewart, Keroma steps in to get the guy to stop. So the Memphis player starts throwing punches, and because BYU players are loyal to their teammates, they step in and stand up for Stewart and Keroma, and that causes a big brawl. Basic stuff.

  6. Everyone has seen the BYU player's sucker punch. And it was indeed a cowardly sucker punch. But weren't there sucker punches on both sides? Yes there were. One just happened to be focused on by the main camera when airing live, but both teams had players that did stupid stuff. Here are two vines of Memphis players. One is stomping on a defensless byu player on the ground and the other is hitting a byu player with his helmet. Sound like sucker moves as well. Look at #53 in this one:    Here is the second one:

  7. Hey guys,
    Have you seen the crazy Hail Mary central Michigan pulled off a couple days ago? It was one of the plays of the century and really was spectacular. If you haven't seen the play, you can view it on my channel. It's worth the time, Trust me!

  8. Geeze, you can tell there are a lot of racist watching this video….. On both sides. Enjoy the guys knocking the crap out of each other and leave the racial crap out

  9. Memphis always causing trouble, this has nothing to do with race or religion people. This has everything to do with a school that doesn't teach it's students any values and that recruits thugs plain and simple.

  10. BYU players don't give a fuck. They're in Miami of all places. They're gonna go back to their hotel rooms afterwards to have sex with some hot Puerto Rican hoochie mamas.

  11. BYU better be glad the game wasn't played at the Liberty Bowl stadium in Memphis..Don't start a brawl with guys from a city that doesn't play..BYU can act tough all they want but they don't really want to come to Memphis.

  12. If you watch the series of videos on the Washington Post site and KSL, can piece together how the whole thing started. 1. Referes didn't control the game. Pushing, shoving, bad mouthing occured the whole game WITHOUT personal fouls begin called 2. The Memphis DT, throws a punch against the BYU center who he had played against the whole game. So there was already bad blood. 3. The other 4 Memphis players join in the fight. 4. As the Memphis coach stated in this interview, his team needs be less arrogant in victory.  Going over to the BYU bench and taunting them isn't the right way to end the game. 5. The rest is history.

  13. They must be in 5th grade. Oh wait, COLLEGE!?! They all must have been wasting their lives on some stupid sport that means nothing because they're fucking retarded–and this is news…

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