Chris Heria House Tour | $4M Miami Condo

Join Chris Heria as he does a House Tour of his $4M Miami Condo.Follow along through his entire house and building amenities.

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  1. Amazing home, greatest part about this video is how evident it is that you take care of your family and always include them in your success. I guess my question is how do you keep motivated to workout and keep grinding after in some peoples minds your situation will be close to the idea of "you made it" thank you for opening up your life and inspiring people. Many more blessings for you and your family!

  2. even tho we know that he won't be able to host everyone in his house, Chris saying "all of you are welcome over my house anytime you want" is a very sweet thing.

  3. Not sure about a 4 million dollar condo. Uh yeah. Im not in the social classinga and standings of the luxory of 4 million USD. Im american and a land owner but im not owned bynthe bank. I even own 2 fourtune 500 companies. But i know about miami anyways. I dont care for it whats money amoungst friends. Im not N or whatever and dont plan on it. Im actually hopefully about to go home to one of them but the banks fighting me and ao are the drug dealers. Yeah prison people that murdered the family and theres one will but the famiky isnt remaining that declares it as mine from a texas notary. Whatever we owned it since after boston. Southern Baptist i thinkntheybwhere the southern baptists. Gad to.see you have a nice condo on the beach you ought to talk at that one guy that does the venom training mma videos

  4. I have been following you for awhile now and so glad I did. Your energy is so genuine and humble; that alone sets you apart from the rest. Watching your growth and success and so inspirational; I am happy for you for all you have achieved and I know this is only the beginning. Don't ever change.

  5. Love your stuff and congrats on your achievements I have a real estate question being your net worth is $4mill wouldn’t buying a condo this amount rather below your net worth set you backwards?

  6. Beautiful house but so many white walls looks too clinical and cold 🥶. The pops of color helps a lot ( Zen's room) is my favorite. To each his own some people actually like living in a place that's predominantly white, I myself would put some color on the walls. I love the size of the rooms, they're huge. I'm happy for your success , you are blessed. I have a bottle of SPICEBOMB and love to get some CREED but it's too expensive!!! I'll definitely be following you on IG , I love to own one of your jackets. 😁😊😉💙

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