Analysis Garage Video BEFORE Condo Collapse: Water Everywhere

In this video, your host Jeff Ostroff analyses 2 videos of exclusive inside the parking garage of the Champlain Towers South, site of the Miami Condo collapse and gives you a frame by frame explanation of what yu are seeing, and all the damage on the ceilings, and water leaks on the floors. How does it all lead to the final collapse of the building? Watch our root cause and failure analysis to determine how the Champlain Towers South Condo building collapsed on Jun 24, 2021.

This condo collapse analysis shows where all the leaking and damaged areas are in the garage, and plots them on the garage parking map for you see where the danger zone was located. One video was recorded in July 2020, a year before the collapse by a prospective buyer of unit 611 in the condo building, and searched the garage for the assigned parking space #17. Another video was recorded in 2018 by Raysa Rodriguez, a resident concerned over the pooling water on the garage floor. We also show you video just moments before the now infamous Miami Condo Collapse.

The Champlain Towers South condo complex collapse was located at 8777 Collins Ave. in Surfside, FL, which is just north of Miami beach.

📺 WATCH: Here’s Cause Of Miami Condo Collapse Champlain Condo Towers, Surfside

📺 WATCH: “Miami Condo Collapse 4K Video From Street What News WON’T Show!”

📺 WATCH: “More On Miami Condo Collapse Live From Street You Won’t Believe Scene”


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  1. In my opinion, there is your smoking gun, the puddles on the garage floor and the damp damage on the ceiling ie flaky / crumbling surface on the ceiling of the garage.

    The spalling on some columns and beams and exposed rusty rebar, possibly indicates water ingress/ damage?
    I'd like to know if the pool was leaking or sprinkler system was leaking or just rain/drain water was seeping through.
    Either way, water damage could eventually lead to weakness in the supporting concrete beams and columns.😯⚠️🤔

  2. For some reason I can’t find YouTube channel now with woman’s original garage video upload but I believe she’s a professor of astronomy and some other life science at a nearby university. This video is so valuable. I’d say no need for the dramatic background music Jeff, the topic is dramatic enough. But I continue to seek out and appreciate your videos.

  3. Even in the driest and most ideal conditions in a garage, it's not unusual for a car enthusiast (or otherwise any car-obsessed person) to put a car cover on their cherished vehicle. I did it for my BMW convertible while parked in a garage, to keep it totally clean for months on end.

  4. It is possible that much of the puddles of water in the parking basement are from car air conditioners, when they are parked the evaporator drains out my own car leaves a puddle which can run away from the car.

  5. @ 00:05:30 Idk if you noticed but column 105/106 has what looks to be water damage at the very bottom. You can see a water line that looks like it goes up about 5 to 8 inches. It can be seen on some of the other columns also.

    Edit: I guess I should have read the comments first! Lol 🤷‍♀️

  6. I have worked construction in flooring for decades. Rust at pilasters exposes a water problem. Of course, there is no finish in garages but above that on grade, there had to be signs of serious damage.

  7. I can see stains at the base of the columns. The yellow paint is saturated about five inches up from the bottom. That means the water is finding its way upward and the ground must be completely soaked.

  8. The Romans would use water to destroy hillsides above a town causing them to collapse and destroy their fortifications. Hydrostatic pressure is a progressive cause of many such disasters.

  9. The tenant video with the rusty electrical box must have been parking space 82. It's the only space that has two concrete walls that form an L shape.

  10. 28:55 "They might set off the alarm" I suspect it was the white PVC drain line that is seen leaking. The column of water is large diameter and low pressure. Fire protection systems for this type of building will have pumps to pressurize the system. A fire line would be higher pressure and smaller diameter. If that was a fire protection line leaking water, the flow switch in the riser room would have triggered, the fire panel would be sounding, and horn/strobes would be going off throughout the building. That being said: There are clearly fire lines above the ramp. How were these not damaged and leaking during the initial failure? In theory, everyone in the building should have been alerted by the fire system. Why do we not see the horn/strobes going off? I am a commercial electrician, not a fire protection expert. I'd love to see a fire protection expert weigh in on this.

  11. Some of the columns were two different tones of yellow. Maybe that indicates repair work? Matching paint can be tricky. And @ 25:44 the columns near the orange cone are much smaller than the others & the concrete beam between those columns looks uneven.

  12. The water you see gushing is beyond a pillar that is intact. You see this pillar at @28:55 . Also note the sprinkler pipe make a 90 degree upwards turn and a significant concrete slab that is against that pillar.

  13. You have the best videos going about this. Please don't make me have to listen to whatever background music or noise you are injecting into your video. What is thought to be the benefit of it? Thank you.

  14. If I was looking at a building like this and saw water dripping through the concrete, I would know that it's a serious problem. But before this I would never have thought that it could bring down a building the way that it did. I wrongly assume that the load forces of a building this size would be evenly distributed. So if a few parts of it were to fail, the rest of the building would carry the rest of the load. What seems that happened is that the water that was pooling on the non-sloped slab, was draining through the slab and leaking in the under garage. This in turn caused corrosion of the rebar, which caused the concrete to break, and eventually there was a failure of a few support columns. Once those columns fell, it was a domino effect. Never would I think a building could come down like that. But if I think back to 911, I would have never thought the failure of a few columns could bring down the entire building, but we all saw what happened. (well, except for those that can not accept it)

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